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Rich Psych Counsellor Reviews

How Online Counselling Works


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Frequently Asked Questions

Rich Psych is an Online Counselling Platform providing online counselling in an easy, convenient and affordable manner. With Rich Psych you can get in touch with qualified and experienced counsellors in a hassle-free manner, just using your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere. So no more long waiting for in-person appointments. With Rich Psych you can get connected with your counsellor through texting anytime or scheduling Audio/Video Sessions.
Rich Psych is India's largest Online Psychologist Consultation Provider, providing services across India and in overseas markets like USA, UK and Canada. We take pride in providing the best psychologist to anyone across India or globe from the comfort of their homes, without having to worry about a long waiting time. Our platform is end-to-end encrypted to safeguard your privacy and hence peace of mind.
Online counselling, a field in Telehealth, helps you to get connected and take guidance from qualified counsellors and Mental Health professionals online. With online counselling, you don’t need to take physical appointments and no more queuing. Through Rich Psych online counselling services you can simply get connected with your counsellor anytime, anywhere. Just when you need help!
Yes, absolutely. A lot of research conducted lately have suggested the effectiveness of online counselling. Moreover, the testimonials that we receive by people and the way online counselling helped them to lead a better and happier life, gives us confidence in the effectiveness of online counselling.
Online counselling allows you to chat with an online psychologist or counsellor right away, through your computer or mobile, from the comfort of your home. It can be done anonymously in a safe, secure manner, keeping your privacy intact. Online counselling is known by different names such as cyberspace counselling, e-therapy, e-counselling or tele-counselling. Talking to a counsellor online eliminates the need to wait for appointments or wait for your sessions. Since its web based counselling, it also eliminates the travel time and cost associated with it, making the entire thing more affordable. It also inherently addresses the social stigma associated with mental health by virtue of privacy and anonymity.
Counsellors on Rich Psych are qualified and experienced professionals with Masters or Doctorate Degree in the field of Mental Health and other related disciplines. All counsellors on Rich Psych go through an extensive review process. All possess a minimum 3 years of experience in their field of expertise.
Rich Psych believes in helping as many towards a better mental and emotional health. To achieve this, our counsellors put considerable time and effort with each client. To help the most, we did provide Free Online Counselling sessions as well. However, there is a flipside to this with service users putting little value to the free sessions and often resulting in no-shows or unavailability. This puts a pressure on the valued time of the counsellors leading to the disuse of their valued time. To address this, we have stopped the Free Online Counselling service with an objective to ensure that such a service is not abused and that you are serious about giving online counselling a try. Nonetheless, our plans are very economic and in case you find it financially difficult to subscribe a plan, please contact us and we will be happy to help.
Yes, Emotional and Mental distress can become a health problem if left unaddressed. However, due to the stigma attached to expressing Emotional and Mental distress, people hesitate from expressing the problem and do not voice it till it becomes a major health issue. Indeed, 1 in 10 people are affected by anxiety and depression at any point in time. They have a long-lasting, perceivable and unperceivable effect on the person and it can have a big impact on people’s ability to get on with life.
Yes, Emotional and Mental health problems can affect almost anyone irrespective of their physical health or financial status. One may seem physically very fit but can be suffering from major depression or any other mental illness. Many celebrities have expressed this as well. Well known actress Deepika Padukone in her interview with Vogue magazine stated that depression was a struggle every second and is not the only one who has been vocal about it. There are various other celebrities like Lady Gaga, Sarah Silverman, Cara Delevingne, Jon Hamm and a lot more, who have been vocal about their struggle with depression and other mental illnesses.
Both psychiatrist and psychologist are Mental Health Professionals. A Psychiatrist is a mental health professional with a medical degree. He/she can treat mental disorders and prescribe medicine for treating the symptoms of a mental disorder. Whereas, a Psychologist is a mental health professional with a Masters Degree or PhD. He/She is also competent to treat mental disorders and do so by means of behavioural modifications and therapy. Unlike psychiatrists they do not prescribe medicine.

Hence, both are competent to treat mental disorders. Psychiatrists use medication as their first line of treatment and psychologists use cognitive, behavioural and other therapy tools and techniques for treatment. Sometimes, a combination of both, medication and therapy may be desirable for a better outcome.
Yes. Rich Psych provides online counselling services that can be accessed anonymously. You can choose to stay anonymous by means of a username and chat anonymously. This username is visible to your counsellor throughout your communication with him/her.

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Some of our popular services

Rich Psych provides online therapy in India and is India’s one of the biggest Online Counselling Platforms, utilising the power of the internet to deliver Mental Health Services. Rich Psych makes online psychologist consultation possible by bringing together Psychologists, Counsellors, Mental Health Experts, Life Skills Trainers and Consultants from across the globe so that you have easy online access to them, just a few clicks away. Looking for an online consultation with a Psychologist / Counsellor or Therapist, Rich Psych provides a secure online counselling platform that ensures you Privacy and Confidentiality. The best online therapy India.

Depression Counselling

Coping with depression on your own can be very challenging and a tiring process and consulting a Psychologist or a Mental Health Expert can help in coping. Rich Psych provides online psychologist consultation and connects you with Counsellors that provide Online Counselling for Depression. If you are feeling unsure about how to seek help, we recommend that you start Online Counselling for Depression at Rich Psych and seek help with ease.

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Anxiety Counselling

Feeling anxious lately, and finding it difficult to cope with anxiety, consulting a Psychologist or a Mental Health Expert for anxiety can help you in coping. Consult a Psychologist / Counsellor for anxiety to learn ways to manage anxiety effectively without prolonging the emotional distress. Having second thoughts about consulting a Psychologist, give a try to Online Counselling and seek help with ease.

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Stress Management

Feeling stressed lately? Reasons could be multiple but if left unaddressed can have a negative effect on your health. Talk to a Psychologist / Counsellor to learn Stress Management techniques for day-to-day life. Consult a Psychologist online and learn to manage stress in a healthy way.

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Relationship Counselling

Feeling emotionally distressed due to a heartbreak / break-up? An unfulfilling relationship can be emotionally draining and difficult to cope on your own. Our Relationship Counsellors can help you in dealing with such a situation in a healthy way. Talk to Relationship Experts on Rich Psych to learn ways to cope with a heartbreak / difficult relationship. Get online consultation with a Psychologist / Counsellor for Relationship Counselling and cope better.

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