Stress Management Counselling Online

Lots of marvellous inventions, and our basic need to be happy still can’t be fulfilled. Stress can be the culprit! A notoriously famous concept, yet elusive. It obstructs the flow of well-being and is a block to our optimal functioning.

Why stressed?

The enormous change in our lifestyles by default carries Stress as a part and parcel. Not a pleasant fact! But this is how it is. A situation where, how much hard we are trying to make our lives comfortable, somehow, we just can’t evade our encounters with stress, be it in relationships, workplace, family or any other milieu.

What is Stress actually?

The simplest way of defining Stress is our negative emotional response to difficult and demanding life situations. Here, one important thing for you to know is that stress is a subjective experience. This means the same stressor will be evaluated differently by different people and each individual differs in their appraisal of a challenging situation and hence the level of stress experienced also differs. The same life situation which causes someone mild stress might cause another person acute stress.

Stress Management Counselling Online

Now you must be wondering as to how stress can be so debilitating?

Well! If you just know this one simple fact that stress not only causes emotional problems but also directly affects our immune system, a system within our bodies that protects you against diseases. This means experiencing more stress will weaken our Immune System, hence making us more vulnerable to developing diseases. One of the major health consequences of prolonged stress is cardiovascular diseases (CVD), which is apparently also the leading cause of death worldwide.

Some of the conditions related to Stress are:

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • Stomach Problems
  • Headache
  • Muscle Tension
  • Fatigue

Moreover, stress if not remediated at an initial stage of onset may be a potential mediating factor causing psychological problems such as Anxiety, Depression, Restlessness, Irritability and Anger (to name a few).

The cardinal point to reflect at this stage is How Can You Cope with Stress before it becomes a cause of more serious problems. One simple answer to this question is to develop effective abilities to cope with stress by learning new Coping Strategies and Stress Management Skills.

By now you must be wondering as to how these effective Coping Strategies can be developed given the fact that stress is all pervading.

It is this unsureness in your live, which we at Rich Psych seek to resolve by helping you get in touch with counsellors who can guide you in developing effective Coping Strategies to deal with stress, that you may lead an efficacious life. Rich Psych provides counselling for stress management in India and other countries as well.

So get matched with our Counsellors and start a Stress Management Module right away, suiting your individual needs.

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Rich Psych provides online counselling for stress management in India at the most affordable rate. Through online counselling for stress management you can connect with a counsellor or therapist, discuss your life stressors and gain insight, understanding and a solution for those stressors.
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