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    Last Updated: Jan 25th, 2021

Very often I feel exhausted and tired both physically as well as emotionally.How do I help myself?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Jan 31st, 2021

How can I manage my work and things outside it like my social life and family when work consumes most of my time?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Oct 05th, 2020

Can stress cause any physical illness?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Sep 29th, 2020

Are there any free Psychologists? My job doesn't pay well and it is very stressful. I am not able to do anything productive besides my work. I want to discuss this with someone. Help.

Answer(s): 1 | Last Answer: Aug 31st, 2020

Why does it feel like I have to force myself to leave bed and go to work everyday. Maybe I lack motivation. I do like my work but I don’t feel like going there. Is it just laziness?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: May 19th, 2020

I was supposed to start my first job in April. Now they have postponed my joining. I am worried that they may cancel their offer due to economic conditions and I really need this job. I have taken loa...

Answer(s): 3 | Last Answer: May 19th, 2020

Due to this Lockdown I am stuck at my home all alone and very far from my hometown. I am wo rking from home but even that feels lonely. I try to indulge myself in hobbies like reading or cooking but ...

Answer(s): 3 | Last Answer: May 01st, 2020

How can I take care of my mental health while working from home as it completely stresses me out?

Answer(s): 4 | Last Answer: May 01st, 2020

Self isolation is ruining me. With colleges being closed I am unable to keep up with my routine. Some days I sleep the whole day and sometimes go entire week without any sleep. I have filled my kitche...

Answer(s): 5 | Last Answer: Apr 17th, 2020

With this coronavirus pandemic I don't feel safe. I am always stressed about me and my loved ones. I am practicing every necessary instruction but still I cannot find peace. It has become so much that...

Answer(s): 5 | Last Answer: Apr 12th, 2020

Why do I suddenly feel depressed and irritable? It is Christmas and I love this holiday but also it drains me emotionally. Why is this happening?

Answer(s): 3 | Last Answer: Dec 31st, 2019

This is my first year in college and away from home. I live in a hostel and seven months have passed and I'm still not able to cope with college life. I still feel homesick and sometimes feel like lea...

Answer(s): 1 | Last Answer: Feb 24th, 2019

I switched job and joined a new organization and was very excited, after working there the first one month was fine during which I learnt more about the organization, its work culture and my responsib...

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Feb 13th, 2019

I have recently been given a new project at work and I feel it is very demanding as the work load is too much and I am not able to manage my time and invest my energy in activities that I like. This i...

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How do I manage my daily Stress at home and at my workplace?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Dec 19th, 2018

How to overcome Stress?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Jan 18th, 2019

Can someone give me some tips to reduce my stress at work?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Jan 18th, 2019

I have two young children they fight a lot because of which I am unable to focus on my work. I am not being able to cope with this. I feel very Stressed. What should I do?

Answer(s): 4 | Last Answer: Mar 30th, 2020