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I have a best friend who is a guy and I have feelings for him from the beginning,which he is aware of.But its one sided as he has been committed even before I came into his life.But we shared a great ...

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How can we be good parents?

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My husband says that his alcoholism is his problem and not mine until it affects our budget. How should I deal with it?

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How do I manage my anger and frustration towards my parents because they keep cribbing about everything that I do whether right or wrong. They keep saying hurtful things to me?

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My friend has temperament and anger issues due to which people always see him negatively. He says that he can't help it because he has had a bad life especially his relationship with his parents. I wa...

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My in laws are troubling me and asking me to leave the house, but i cannot because i have a small baby. What should i do?

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I have shifted to a new city for my education and now that it is almost complete my parents want me to come back home and stay with them but I want to stay here and work as there are more work opportu...

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I come from a Broken family, this makes me feel very upset sometimes and sometimes very angry. What can I do to improve myself?

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I stay in a joint family and have dominating in-laws..esp. my mother in-law. She ensures that there is always a misunderstanding between me and my husband which leads to conflicts and after 19years of...

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