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    Last Updated: Oct 08th, 2021

I found out recently that all this time I was in a toxic relationship.It has almost been a decade.Please kindly tell me how do I move on from this toxicity as soon as possible.I am not able to let go ...

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Oct 19th, 2021

My girlfriend breaking up with me as she had her ex back into her life. I was too attached to her emotionally and physically. We dated many times I'm too addicted to her. I cannot come out of the feel...

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Jul 09th, 2021

Me and my Ex of almost 4 years had a mutual break up at the end of September 2020 and I suggested that we take time apart to really figure out ourselves, we tried to talk as friends for a couple month...

Answer(s): 1 | Last Answer: Feb 25th, 2021

My ex has been gone and married for 3 years and I still think about him daily. I am not depressed, or obsessed with him. I have moved on with my life but he is still always in my head when I am remind...

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Feb 04th, 2021

Why am I still so emotionally weak for my ex even after more than 1 year of our break up? I am not able to move on.

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Nov 16th, 2020

My partner broke my trust many times in the course of 4 years. Finally I broke up with him a few months back. I knew he never loved me, still I am having trouble moving on. I am getting weak, I feel l...

Answer(s): 3 | Last Answer: Sep 14th, 2020

I broke up with my partner after being in a 2 year relationship, how do I cope up with my day to day work and emotionally?

Answer(s): 1 | Last Answer: Jun 17th, 2020

I broke up with my girlfriend last month. It was an unhealthy relationship. We would get in constant fights and verbally abuse each other. I immediately wanted to get out of it so I broke it up her. N...

Answer(s): 3 | Last Answer: Jun 09th, 2020

Can I again trust a person who cheated on me?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Apr 25th, 2020

Is there a way to forget my previous relationship?

Answer(s): 3 | Last Answer: Apr 23rd, 2020

How to stop caring about a person who doesn't care about you?

Answer(s): 3 | Last Answer: Jan 18th, 2019

It has been two and a half months since I broke up with my girlfriend and I am not able to move on thinking about her has become an obsession and I can't control my thoughts about her even when I want...

Answer(s): 3 | Last Answer: Jan 18th, 2019

I want to take revenge from my ex. Suggest?

Answer(s): 6 | Last Answer: Jun 09th, 2020

I still can't get over my ex girlfriend. Please suggest what should I do?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Sep 07th, 2018

How to stop thinking about my Ex girlfriend/boyfriend?

Answer(s): 4 | Last Answer: Sep 04th, 2018