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    Last Updated: Jul 16th, 2021

I feel extremely sick whenever I leave my house. What can I do?

Answer(s): 1 | Last Answer: Jul 22nd, 2021

I am feeling constantly hopeless,anxious,tensed amidst this pandemic.I have this constant fear of what will happen next.I am not able to keep in touch with my close friend for some reason but I am try...

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Apr 19th, 2021

Is it possible to have a panic attack or anxiety attack without any sort of trigger at that particular moment?I had breathing difficulty and high pulse rate suddenly while sitting relaxed for a brief ...

Answer(s): 1 | Last Answer: Feb 16th, 2021

What helps you calm down when having an anxiety attack?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Feb 05th, 2021

This year was very difficult for me and I wonder how can I enjoy all celebrations and keep going on when I have a fear of getting an anxiety attack?

Answer(s): 1 | Last Answer: Jan 04th, 2021

I have so many thoughts and feelings in my mind but I always find it difficult to express them to people. How can I express them without the fear of other people judging me?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Jun 29th, 2020

I have failed my class for a second time. This is very foreign for me I have never struggle with school until starting Law School. I feel defeated and guilty. Guilty for my parents which they pay for ...

Answer(s): 4 | Last Answer: May 09th, 2020

I feel this virus will never end. It is making me nervous. Whenever I use social media all I see is corona. I am afraid and sleepless. I am worried that I will get infected too. Or with lockdown all t...

Answer(s): 7 | Last Answer: Apr 17th, 2020

How can I stop getting nervous in front of people? I get very anxious and sometimes I start sweating. It becomes very awkward for me. My parents tell me that I should visit a doctor. But I don’t wan...

Answer(s): 3 | Last Answer: Dec 04th, 2019

I have been in a relationship for the past 10 months and we were both in love but as for now I feel he doesn't love me any longer. I also think that he is having an extra affair. This is causing me so...

Answer(s): 1 | Last Answer: May 23rd, 2019

Is there a difference between Anxiety and restlessness?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: May 28th, 2019

Lately I have been feeling very Anxious, it's only at night when I realise its intensity and I'm unable to fall asleep at my regular time. It feels like my brain is running and i feel a bit worried ju...

Answer(s): 1 | Last Answer: Mar 01st, 2019

I am having panic attacks and I am not able to concentrate on my studies. My final exams are approaching and it's becoming difficult to prepare. Everyday I dread if i won't get good marks, please some...

Answer(s): 3 | Last Answer: Jan 19th, 2019

Can my persistent anxiety make it difficult for me to have sex?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Dec 07th, 2018

How to get rid of Anxiety?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Dec 07th, 2018

I feel anxious and can't sleep? What should I do?

Answer(s): 2 | Last Answer: Sep 17th, 2018

Does Anxiety ever goes away?

Answer(s): 6 | Last Answer: Dec 12th, 2018

How can I control anxiety?

Answer(s): 4 | Last Answer: Sep 17th, 2018