Hi! Meet Munira Soni

Munira Soni

India, with 5-10 years of experience

(INDIA) Munira possess comprehensive expertise in the field of Mental Health. All of these coupled with her compassion, vision and relentless enthusiasm makes her an ideal candidate for your needs. She greatly enjoys having the opportunity to make a real difference to some one’s life by helping them to focus on their accomplishments and reflect on past successes rather than setbacks. She has 4 years of experience in counselling and treating clients for a range of complex Psychosocial issues in community, clinical and private settings, as someone who holds a handful of recognized counselling qualifications. She is also academically accredited in the right departments.

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  • Masters in Counselling Psychology from SNDT University, Mumbai, India


Hindi English


Moksha - Fri 8th May '20

Couldn’t take the counselling, I would like to reschedule

Zeenat - Thu 18th Jul '19

It was nice! She guided me well thnk u

Priyanka Yadav - Thu 11th Jul '19

Munira soni mam has really told me important points related to my issues which could help me out in improving. Loved talking to her.

Dipali ambale - Thu 21st Mar '19

It was really a helpful!Thank you so much Mam!and so nicely explained .

Rukhshinda - Sat 29th Dec '18

Thank you ma'am.. I felt better...but the 15 min time period was really short.

Pihu - Tue 7th Aug '18

She is so nice to talk to and very helpful.