Education and Career Counselling

Are Deadlines, Academic Stress, Exam Pressure, Competitions, the right career choice making things strenuous and difficult for you?
Are you looking for Educational and Career Guidance, Education Counselling, Career Counselling or Vocational Guidance?

We realise the challenges you as a student face today both academically, and at personal and interpersonal level. The directionless thoughts and your efforts to get a direction, to do something meaningful, something that ensures you happiness and satisfaction at the same time gives you a career you are happy about.

Our team of Educational and Career Guidance counsellors at Rich Psych aim at helping you to get the right direction and develop a holistic attitude and perception towards your Education and Career.

Education And Career Counselling

We believe in a Multi-Modal Approach called "SELF MANAGEMENT"

S Social Management

E Emotional Management

L Legal Management

F Financial Management

This integrates essential aspects of your life; which must be managed in the right way for a more balanced life. So instead of trial and error, get Career Guidance and Student Counselling from experienced Educational and Career Guidance experts who have helped many students to develop the right outlook at the right time and realise their optimal potential and career goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Education or School Counselling refers to the process seeking the holistic development of students through individual and group student planning in the areas of academic achievement, career planning and social and emotional development. A robust education counselling system aims at preparing a student in a holistic manner for life after school and higher education.
An Educational / School Counsellor is a qualified individual working to provide students with support and guidance. A school counsellor typically performs the following tasks:

  • # Provide counselling to individuals, groups or the whole school
  • # Help students in identifying their skills and abilities
  • # Advice in academics
  • # Develop career awareness
  • # Work with other teachers and administration for school improvement
Career Counselling is a systematic approach towards planning one’s career. It is a process whereby you can consult a counsellor and take advice and support to make informed career choices. It involves exploring your career preferences, aptitude and your interests. The counsellor carries out a full assessment through psychological testing. After considering your full profile, your test results and other parameters, the counsellor suggests the most suited career options for you and what those career options entail.
A Career Counsellor is a qualified individual providing professional advice and support for your career, vocational and occupational growth. A career counsellor helps you in evaluating your strengths and weaknesses when considering a career. S/he throws light on each of the aspects related to your potential career options such as your skills, talents, motivation level, family background, etc. After a thorough insight into your profile and preferences, the career counsellor works along with you to come up with the best career option(s) for you to follow.
Well! Career counselling can begin as early as before the age of 12 and continue from school to college and beyond. The idea is to help children, adolescents and adults in exploring their skills set, their aptitude and creating an awareness about different careers as early as possible so that they have time and an option to learn new skills.
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