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Cope with a Breakup with our Online Relationship Counselling

Love is sweet but at times can be sour (and in some cases bitter). An unfulfilling relationship or a heart break can take any emotional turn for you; and due to this you can become quite vulnerable to what happens around you. This emotional frenzy can often leave you incompetent to make right decisions for yourself. You may become susceptible to act in ways that might cause immediate or long-term negative consequences.

If you or someone you know is currently having a rough stormy time coping with a heart break or with an unfulfilling relationship, don’t prolong this emotional pain.

Seek help and advice from the warm and wonderful counsellors at Rich Psych
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Frequently Asked Questions

Break-up/Relationship Counselling involves guidance and support from a qualified and experienced counsellor or psychologist to help you cope better with an existing dysfunctional relationship or a broken relationship.Through it you can discuss the issues you are facing in a relationship and get expert advice with confidentiality and total privacy.
Through relationship counselling you can discuss your experiences, fears and apprehensions about an existing or past relationship with an experienced counsellor and psychologist. You get an unbiased person to listen to your story and work along with you to cope with it so that a distressing relationship doesn’t affect your decision making and your emotional and psychological health.It gives you a new perception to see relationships.
Every relationship teaches us something about us and people in general. A failed relationship more so and one can definitely get over a failed relationship. If you find it difficult to get over someone on your own, then talking to a counsellor or psychologist can help you better understand the situation and the possible ways to deal with it.
Rejections can make you feel inadequate and distort your sense of Self.They can lead you into negative thinking about yourself and a state of hopelessness.Hence, it is essential to address any situation that makes you feel ‘Rejected’.Before you start feeling worthless about yourself due to rejection, it is advisable to talk to some experienced person who can help you gain more insight into the situation. Talking to relationship experts, counsellors and psychologists can help you to develop healthier perceptions, cope with rejections and dysfunctional relationships; help you work on yourself and strengthen your personality.
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