Why is Kindness important and how to raise your kindness bar.

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of human change.” - Bob Kerry

Do you remember when is the last time you showed kindness to someone? Or when somebody else was kind to you? Do you feel grateful to the person and started thinking about him right now? Deep inside the heart, there is a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction that you might be experiencing right now. Isn’t it so?

All this happens because of a simple kind act. Kindness binds relationships and leaves a lasting impression on your ‘psyche’.

In today’s fast paced digital and competitive world, we are all busy with ourselves. Compassion and generosity has taken a backseat; because we fall short of time to look around us. Each one of us is waiting to get something better and bigger but yet after achieving everything, we feel inadequate from within.

As humans, we are wired for kind acts. We love it and embrace it, when someone does it with us. So, practicing kindness even in a small way, everyday can bring profound changes in mental health and emotional well being.

Why is Kindness Important?

When you are kind it means that you care for the fellow beings around you. However small it is, it nurtures healthy bonding and emotional attachment between the giver and the receiver. When you do well to others, you feel happy. Kindness improves self-esteem and improves your quality of life.

You should practice kindness as often because it makes your life fulfilling and rewarding. As the saying goes,
People may not remember what you said, or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel”- Maya Angelou

Kindness helps to leave a positive mark in somebody’s heart. Some important lessons of being kind are:

   1.      Kindness brings people together. It nurtures relationships and spreads joy and happiness around you.

   2.      A kind act shows that you love, respect, and care for others. The receiver feels understood and loved.

   3.      A small act of kindness means to help others; who are in need. It is all about celebrating the tiny joys of life.

   4.      Kindness brings humility and generosity.

   5.      Being kind helps to celebrate the success stories of other people. When you do so, you tend to eliminate feelings of jealousy and resentments.

   6.      Kindness helps to notice what others are going through and offer help; if needed.

   7.      Being kind helps you to understand and foster care and compassion.

   8.     Kindness is helpful to develop good community relationships.

   9.       A kind word, a warm smile can make people feel good. Their heart shines with gratitude and love.

   10.    Kindness is a form of social courtesy and graciousness.

   11.    Kind acts can remove feelings of selfishness.

   12.    A few small and sincere acts of kindness can change you, others, and the whole world.

   13.     It is an invaluable human resource that is incredibly easy to offer; if you want.

   14.    Kindness is contagious. It keeps on rolling from one to the other and brings desirable changes in the community we live in. if people see you doing kind acts, they may feel inspired to do the same.

   15.    A kind act is a sign of hope and optimism.

   16.    It can change the mindset of people by nurturing loving and caring thoughts about each other.

   17.    When you are kind, you are less resentful and more forgiving.

   18.    Kindness counts because it spreads joy and peace.

   19.    A simple kind act is a sign of soft-heartedness and good manners.

   20.    Being kind is easy. It just means not to harm others and help those who are in need.

How to increase Kindness?

You can practice generous acts of kindness, if you follow it diligently. Some of the practical ways to be kind in your day to day life are as follows:

   1.      Wear a big, fat smile and try to make someone’s day a little better and worthy.

   2.      Never harm others, not even animals around you. Try not being aggressive and resentful.

   3.      You can offer a word or hug of support to promote kindness.

   4.      Be empathetic to understand the challenges others are going through.

   5.      Read kind quotes and get inspired to incorporate values of compassion and generosity in your everyday life.

   6.      Be grateful to people who had helped you; and try to repay their kindness with kindness.

   7.      Say words of compassion and encouragement to motivate a friend or family member; who may be feeling down and uncertain.

   8.      Make inner peace your greatest strength. Then only you can forgive the person who has hurt you.

   9.      Say ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, and ‘please’ very often. These are magic words that can have a magical effect on your overall well-being.

   10.  Choose your words wisely and never hurt anyone with harsh sayings.

   11.  Instead of a complaining attitude try opt for a compassionate attitude.

   12.  You can offer donations to charitable organizations as a token of kindness.

   13.  Call a lonely person; a friend or a family member. It makes them feel loved and cared for.

   14.  Try to give food and provisions to needy people.

   15.  Make efforts to offer help to a disabled person.

   16.  Show affection and love to poor children and donate daily necessities to them.

   17.  You can look after your elderly neighbor.

   18.  Be mindful about how you treat others, even the unknown people around you.

   19.  Donate your old books and clothes to those who cannot afford it, may be in an orphanage or child-care centers.

These voluntary acts are tokens of love and care that you can show to practice kindness.

Concluding words - 

When you rewire yourself to kindness, you start adding blessings in your life. Your life becomes meaningful and purposeful. Being kind allows you to communicate better and develop long lasting relationships. When you genuinely care for others around you and practice kindness, you add not only to their well-being but profoundly to your well-being and happiness as well.