How career counselling and a career counsellor can guide you.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”- Mark Twain

We all inevitably come across this crossroad situation, perplexed what choice to make. Yes, I am talking about choosing a career. Why is it so difficult? Well! It is not just about what you are going to take up as an occupation and how you will earn a living. It is much more than that, as the choice of career impacts your whole being, from your lifestyle to your relationships and your physical and mental well-being too. Research, in fact, suggests that when you find your work meaningful and are following your interests, only then you feel happy about yourself and your life.
Nevertheless, the process of exploring and choosing a career systematically, is a bit elusive.

There are many factors that play a role while choosing a career and each factor requires careful consideration before finally making a career choice. Some such factors are aptitude, interest, age, gender, personality traits, personal habits, life history, family background, etc. 

In the midst of so many factors operating, this is where the role of Career Counsellor comes in.

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is a systematic approach to exploring and selecting a career for an individual. It is a process whereby you are assisted by a counsellor to make career choices by considering how your career-goals and life-goals interact. Through career counselling you gain an insight and understanding about yourself and how you fit in the work environment.

Career counselling is also known by other names such as Vocational Counselling, Vocational Guidance and Occupational Counselling.

What is the Importance of Career Counselling?

Imagine the situation, when your work doesn’t make you happy (or satisfied!). Not being satisfied with what you do for a living can have an adverse effect on your quality of life and mental health. Hence, choosing the right career is paramount towards increased life satisfaction and a good mental and physical health. Here is why career counselling is important:

1.       Right Guidance at the right time: ‘Will I be still enjoying this work, few years down the line?’We all know how devastating it can be, when one fine day you wake up and realise that you no longer like your work and career. What a waste it will be of time, effort and finances! Such a situation often arises when we have not been thorough enough while planning our career in the first place. Seeking career guidance at the right time greatly reduces the likelihood of a career debacle and ending in a ‘I don’t like my work anymore’ situation. 

     2.       Increased Insight and Informed Decisions: A career counsellor is a career and well-being expert. Consulting one gives you a better insight into yourself, your personality, your likes and dislikes, your aptitude and true potential. S/he also guides you through various career options for you and the ones that might suit you the best, given your profile. With the increased insight you make informed decisions, choosing a career that you not only like but that also suits your persona and long-term well-being. 

     3.       Deals with both, your inner and outer well-being: Career counselling aims at not only well-being in a career but also addressing your inner well-being. A career counsellor through his/her guidance equips you with skills and strategies to solve problems while at the same time be confident and grow as a person. In giving a direction to your life, the counsellor addresses both your intellectual aspects as well as emotional concerns, thereby guiding in a holistic way. 

     4.       Has therapeutic value: As highlighted above, career counselling doesn’t just answer questions about your career choice but also focuses on you as a person and your well-being. In doing so, career counselling is also therapeutic in nature, working towards both your inner and outer world and well-being.


1.       Career counselling is a systematic approach towards planning a career.

2.       It gives you right guidance at the right time.

3.       It gives you increased insight and helps you make informed decisions.

4.       It deals with both, your inner and outer well-being.

5.       It has therapeutic value aiming at holistic growth.

If you think career counselling will benefit you and your career, there are career counselling websites that provide career counselling online. You can also consult and chat with a career counsellor on Rich Psych. That can help you reduce the confusion about your career and what you should do next?

May you make the best career choice!

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