OCD - Obsessions (cognitive), Compulsions (behaviour), Disorder (malfunction)

OCD is simply a reaction!!

A symptom of an actual or perceived trauma that one has experienced and for that the mind feels out of control.

The obsessions and/or compulsions are simply beliefs you hold, and carry out like a prayer... hoping it will change things for the better. Prayer without action?  The longer you leave it, the worse it gets... just like with an addiction.

Your mind therefore gets preoccupied with re-organising thoughts and things in a frantic attempt to regain control.

Some of the common obsessions are:

      ·       Thoughts/fear of dying, leading to health anxiety.

      ·       Thoughts/fear of germs or disease.

      ·       Thoughts/fear of violence or sexual fantasies.

      ·       Thoughts/fear of failure.

      ·       Thoughts of being perfect.

      ·       Thoughts of saving the world.

      ·       Thoughts of being looked at - constantly (paranoia).

Obsessions also mean that you spend a lot of time ruminating which consumes a lot of energy, is very tiring and makes you seem lazy to others.

Some common compulsions are:

      ·       Washing hands

      ·       Locking doors

      ·       Cleaning

      ·       Angles aligning

      ·       Doing everything right/perfect

      ·       Fitness/health to the point of fanaticism

      ·       Writing or reading 

While you do a lot of activity, compulsions do not actually address what really needs to be done, leaving you feeling frustrated, irritated and agitated most of the time…"Busy doing nothing!"

While some of these may be seen on the outside to be good, they bring a lot of anxiety, distress and/or unrest to the person doing them, struggling to relax or settle.

What to do?

Seek help; Have courage to face your fears and address the trauma with a trained and experienced practitioner to guide you. It is really not complicated past this point. Getting the right help is the key.

Medications can help calm you down but they don't take your thoughts or fears away. Thoughts and fears need addressing.

Use your triggers to address the real issues, and not hide behind an obsession.

This is the only cure, if you've ever wondered...Make sense of all your experiences, don't try to forget or avoid them, however difficult or painful. Therein lie your life lessons.