Here's a kick start to the New Year to maintain good Mental and Physical Health as we now know:

"There Is No Health Without Mental Health"

Top Tip: Have a Healthy Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Routine. Pay attention to assess your immediate needs/problems and of those closest to you. You are because we are. No man is an island - what you need, they need too. 

Life is generally a problem solving exercise - the better you solve problems the easier it becomes. Actively seek solutions as a habit to achieve your desired outcomes. If you let life solve problems for you, you will always end up with solutions that complicate the problems you're trying to solve.

Establish how to meet your needs or solve your problems in the following 3 ways:
-          PHYSICAL:
·         Be active walk, jog, work around the house, etc... Exercising your muscles regularly uses energy that if not used causes anxiety, depression and various body aches especially back aches. Exercise also sharpens your mind.  

·         Eat well and regularly at least 2 meals a day. Treat yourself only after accomplishing something - celebrating gives the hard work meaning, but refrain from being excessive, especially unhealthy habits like alcohol, chocolate, social media, etc. 

·         Sleep well - Minimum 7 - 9 hours maximum regularly. Sleeping too much can be a symptom of avoidance. Sleep affects both physical and mental health; it directly impacts on memory and concentration.

·         Look your best - Physical appearance says a lot about how you feel before you open your mouth.
-          MENTAL:
·         Read wisely - Reading, listening or watching the same things conditions you to the opinions of that subject and nothing else. There is more to life than one subject, however important you may think it to be. Seek balance in everything. Read, listen to and watch constructive media. Your mindset is built by what you feed your mind; your mind controls your brain and your brain maintains your health. 

·         Reach out to friends and family regularly to discuss issues and share ideas to gain clarity on things - the fact that you have that issue means your thinking on it is already flawed. No amount of isolated thinking will change it. You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

·         Talk things through socializing, especially with people of different values and exchanging ideas helps you to see things differently, helps problem solve and also improves your confidence and self esteem. Talk about things until you get to a good resolve. Each time you talk and disagree it presents an opportunity for self evaluation for the both of you. Don't be afraid to hold a different opinion. Challenge your own thinking and beliefs more than you challenge others. It is your development that you seek to improve more than theirs.

·         Set goals and actually work on achieving them. This gives life purpose and motivation to get out of bed every day. Don't just wake up to go to work. Establish what you're working for.

·         Aim to learn or solve something daily have hobbies. Play is also important.
·         Tidy up - a clean house or a stable, challenging and supportive family/group of friends maintains good health. If your friends/family doesn’t challenge you to improve, ask yourself why? Organise your dwellings; physically, mentally and socially. Be prepared for anything. Don't start ironing on the morning of the interview.

Healthy routines will help to assess your energy levels, but be flexible with them. Always reach out for help and vent out to a safe sounding board. No one makes it out here alone.
I wish you best of luck on your journey in 2020. 
#MoNya-Mental @ Insight Wellbeing.