Getting the best out of Social Distancing and Staying Indoors:

With the world facing a major lockdown, suddenly life has changed 360 degrees. For most, the world has come to a standstill, physically and psychologically. Just when we were at our social best, the recent pandemic has caused us to take a U-turn and revisit all that makes us who we are. Nevertheless, without looking at the situation emotionally, it can in fact be a blessing in disguise. If handled practically and looked upon as a time for self reflection and self improvement, this period can in fact prove to be a blessing in disguise. With this view, here are:

5 ways to make the most out of Social Distancing and Staying Indoors:

1.    MAKE A ROUTINE: Let not your days run loosely; make them more compact through a (healthy) routine. To get the most out of these lockdowns and staying indoors, making a routine is as essential as having the essentials. Whether working from home or just forced to sit home, in any case you must develop a healthy routine. Those working from home may have a bit of edge here as they have to abide by some specific working hours, but anyhow all must sketch out the two ends of the day strictly i.e. a time to wake up in the morning and most importantly a time to sleep at night (set your sleep schedule). Set your meal times too and watch your eating habits, for you don’t want to come out a different person after things resume to normal (you know what I mean ;)

Next, in your routine, you must inculcate some physical activity. Since movement is restricted and should be restricted, I’d advice to take a bare-minimum 10-20 minutes’ walk in an open space but in your house itself. This open space can be your terrace, veranda, garden, porch, balcony or simply your room (also only when you are symptom free).

In addition, set your social media time because in times like these it can have rather worse effects on your mind, causing or increasing anxiety, depression, worry or panic. Talking to family, spending time with them, watching a good movie, listening to some soothing songs will be a better choice. The crux of all of this is to make a routine and try inculcating all the above mentioned activities, so that when you land on the other side of the river, you would pat your healthy back.

     2.    GET READY: This simply implies switching from the ‘pyjamas’ mode and getting ready every day. Get up, freshen up, take a bath and change. Look good, work on self, make a good hairstyle, put on makeup (if you’d like) and a smile… but do not give up on looking good and presentable just because you are not stepping out. Keep your spirit bright and lighten the gloom with your smile.

SET A DAILY GOAL: Empty mind, devil’s workshop, a devil which makes us think negatively, depresses us, makes us feel anxious or fearful. Also this very devil thrives in idleness. Therefore, come what may; let not idleness get the better of you. Put plainly, do not linger like an aimless soul. Setting a healthy routine is the first step to defeat this devil and then fill your day with productive activities which can be your work, reading, cooking, painting, singing, dancing, watering the plants or any meaningful activity that is productive in nature (which definitely doesn’t include aimless scrolling of social media pages). If you really are clueless about how to fill your day, then come out with just a single activity that you’d do…say cook something, clean the room, dusting the house or simply any single activity that you’d like to dedicate the day to.

READ: It is said “outside of a dog, a book is probably man’s best friend”. So reading might just give you the best company in times like these (of course in addition to your dog, if you’ve got one). Reading will not just give you the intrinsic pleasure of reading itself  but also help to exercise your brain, keep your mind active, keep you busy and of course utilise time productively. So pick up that book that you have wanted to read for ages and Start.

.   WORK ON SELF: Sometimes back, when things were normal, how often you wished for some more time to do the things you love. And now you have this great opportunity to do all that you feel passionate about, things you could not find time to do before. Here, in particular, I am referring to self-care and self-improvement. Just the right time to catch up on your exercise, yoga practice, meditation, de-stressing and relaxing. Actively inculcate this in your daily routine and religiously work on self, whichever way you’d have always desired. The culmination of this is a point of Inner Peace, a commodity rare. Remember, we really have zero control over the outside world, and hundred percent control over inside world. So when you can’t go outside, then Go Inside.

The point of all this, is to bring to your notice, that this is an opportune time to do the things you always wanted to do but were hindered by lack of time. Use it to read, write, learn, unlearn, create and cherish, experiences that will last for the rest of your lives. Do not make it some mere throwing away of time. Remember that superhero from the Hollywood movies, fighting against the enemy…it is your time to be that Superhero, not giving up; doing what is best for self and others and never flinching from self improvement, even in times like these. 

Every Cloud has a silver lining, After all!