In this modern world, every person is facing some kind of challenge in their life to get a better regime. At some point in our life, all of us go through phases of pain, disappointment, illness, relationship issues, failures, fear, stress etc. Instead of focusing on the problem, we start disregarding those factors which impact our life. We try and keep away the problems by diverting our mind with distractions like chatting, shopping, watching TV, playing games or anything else.

When people feel low, they often try to lessen the emotional wound by distracting their mind through engagements in other activities. But it has been observed that as time passes instead of overcoming, there is merely a temporary relief in the pain. Some people rely on others, believing their wound will be relieved in confiding in others and they will get healed. Whereas some people are well aware of the problem but are unable to accept them. We should be well aware that mind diversion is a short-term remedy and not the real solution to the issue.

Using their intellect some people understand their problem timely and put efforts in resolving the same which is appreciable. However, many people deliberately do not wish to understand their concerns and hence it is magnified manifolds.

For instance, when we go outside, we always check our apparel, wallet, keys etc... When we reach office, we always greet each other, check our e-mails or any other correspondence on daily basis. We take care of everyone throughout the day, whether it is a relationship, friend, colleagues, mentors etc. However, at the same time have you ever thought how much time we are giving to ourself in our busy routine or how much we are savouring into our own life?

I hope that you all have the answer. Please take a pause for a while in a day and check your emotions, feelings and thoughts on daily basis. Evaluate them regularly.

How Can We Identify Our Problems?

Make a diary in which you can write your positive or negative emotions every day. If you are worried about something then ask yourself some questions and analyse it. For instances,

    1.      When is my mind most disturbed?
    2.      Why I am getting upset?
    3.      What is troubling me?
    4.      When am I feeling low?
    5.      How that problem affects me or others?
Track Your Records

Analyse each of your answers thoroughly. If you face any problem, then you can talk about it with your friend / mentor / teacher / relative or talk to a counsellor, the sooner you accept your problem, the sooner you will be able to solve it.


We should always remember that every problem has a solution. By diverting our mind, we will not be able to heal our wounds. Instead of ignoring the troubles, always identify your negative emotions at an early stage and accept the situation on time and thereby ensuring it doesn’t become mammoth. Our pain needs healing, not diversions.