Stress is ubiquitous and has become a modern buzzword. In recent times, feelings of worry and psychological uneasiness are taking precedence over peace of mind. Negative thoughts, imbalanced emotions and the continuous chatting of the mind make it difficult for us to focus on the present moment. There is always a long to-do list that awaits and keeps us away from living in the moments. As stress is unpleasant and affects our physical and mental well-being, we need a way out of it to live a healthy and happy life.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a mental state of conscious awareness of the present moment. It means accepting your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations as it is, without evaluations or judgements. Have you ever tried to become mindful of the situation you are in? Did you notice that attentiveness to the present task can actually control your racing thoughts? As we all get repetitive, random, and unproductive thoughts every now and then, anxiety and worries arise and lead to stress. Under such a situation, you may feel impatient, restless, and anxious. Over a time, this aroused state of mental activity will plague you with endless problems. It exhausts you mentally and slowly turns you a worrywart. Living in the moments may not be as easy as it sounds. It requires a conscious effort and guided pursuit to become fully aware of what you are thinking or doing at a given moment. Simply speaking, mindfulness is the practice of bringing your realm of awareness into the nitty-gritty of daily living. It is a way to check in with your thoughts and feelings.

What are Mindfulness Hacks?

These are mind tricks to help you become aware of what you are thinking, feeling, or doing at a particular moment.
When you are mindful, you become aware and can easily observe the tiny moments you are in. mindfulness helps to embrace everyday living. The good news is, scientific researches on health and wellness have proved that mindfulness tricks and hacks help to alleviate anxiety, and depression resulting from stress. It makes you feel better by changing your mindset and inspires fulfilled living.
Mindfulness Hacks to Bust Stress
Mindfulness hacks helps in non-judgemental acceptance of your moments. It is a kind of awareness practice that leads to better response. It reduces your propensity to react with haste. Moreover, these tools help you to focus on the following dimensions of conscious living. They are:

      ·       Self-awareness – awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
      ·       Awareness of bodily sensations – bodily feelings and experiencing the sensations at a particular moment.
     ·    Emotional regulation – mastery of how you are feeling at a present moment. To accept your feelings as it is; without censoring or evaluating it.

Mindfulness helps in relaxation. It activates the parasympathetic division of the Autonomic Nervous System to release anxiety and restore body and mind to a balanced state of existence. Mindfulness helps you to deal with difficult emotions by self-regulation of negative thoughts and faulty perspectives.

Few easy hacks that can be incorporated in our day-to-day life are as follows:
1.    Morning Walks:
Start your day with a brisk nature walk and enjoy the world around you. You can listen to the birds chirping, see the clouds moving along the skyline, identify the smell that tickles your nose, and feel the gentle breeze touching your skin. This sensory awareness helps to focus and rewire your brain towards a mindful living.
2.    Smile and Laugh too often:
A simple smile can do wonders for you. It releases stress and anxieties and improves mood. It also improves your thought process. Even if you do not feel like smiling or laughing, do it intentionally. This mindfulness trick helps you to experience the tiny joys of life. People who use ‘laughter yoga’ are relaxed and can easily lighten their hearts off anxieties and worries.
3.    Focus on Breathing:
This is a type of mindfulness meditation, where you focus your awareness on inhalation and exhalation. In doing so, you calm your mind to a serene state of existence that helps to lower anxiety. By paying attention intentionally or by purpose makes you embrace and appreciate your tiny moments.
4.    Digital Detox:
This mindfulness hack helps to focus on the surroundings you are in. It is important that you should take some time out of the digital life you are in. Simple exercises can be not to keep a constant check on your emails or WhatsApp Messages every now and then. This helps to control the racing thoughts and fine tunes your body and mind to a mindful and peaceful living.
5.    Keep a Mindfulness Journal:
You can scribble your ideas randomly on a piece of paper. Note down whatever comes to your mind, without censoring it. You can even jot down the things you are grateful for in a particular day. This helps to tame your wandering mind and focus on things that are happening at a particular moment.
6.    Sketching and Doodling:
Just pick up a notepad and pencil and start simple drawing exercises that come to your mind. You need not be a master artist to pursue this trick. Choose a theme that sets the mood and make a doodle art to focus your thoughts in the present moment.
7.    Take a Pause:
Your daily chores contribute to anxiety and mental chaos. You need a regular break or a short pause to re-orient and be present in the moments. It helps to focus your awareness to subtle happenings going around; free from distractions. A mindful pause helps to overcome racing thoughts and calms down your psychic process.

Parting words:
Every day, we get wrapped up in endless work that causes anxiety and worries. It is important to stop for a while and check in with yourself. Mindfulness hacks does just that. It improves your focus and attentiveness. Mindfulness hacks regulate emotional responses so that destructive mind states do not bother you much.