Fathers' Day, 2020

“Dear Dad,

I know, there are too many times when I talk, write poetry, and celebrate mom and boast about our relationship but I hardly give the same time to acknowledge you “dear father”, what all you do for me – your daughter. The moment I was born, you have shield me with your protective lap and strive to give me the best before I think of it. From being my first male buddy to being the ideal guide, I see you transforming your bond with me according to the need of the hour. I have seen you revisiting your childhood with me, being extremely caring when I age as a teenager, and trying to search for the most comforting space for me to fit in; be it in education, professional or marriage.

Behind all the great things you do for me, lies a silent struggle of sorts. I know you have things to talk about but you, never share all that you hold within. But somehow, I know it (after all I am your daughter!). And just like you don’t let it show, I try to hide as well that I know. But each day I feel the urge to do so much more for you, to bring a relieving smile to your face. In the midst of all that is expected from me as a daughter, all the dreams I dream, all the desires I want fulfilled, the desire and the dream to make you proud fades everything in the background.

You have taught me to be resilient, confident and most importantly to be kind. It is you who have taught me the real meaning of life and trust me, your lessons on life have made me so much more confident.

Yes, I and mum are great friends, but I never confessed that you, dear father, you are my solace, every time. The people who know you always end up saying that I am like you. Well, I do not doubt that God didn’t forget to put a glimpse of you into me, your daughter.

Dear dad, thanks for being the ‘invisible hand’, ever present, always watching over my well-being. You, indeed, will always be the most cherished part of my life."

As we celebrate Father’s Day on 21st June 2020, I think of all the possible ways by which I may bring a smile on my father’s face.  Are you also looking for father’s day gift ideas amidst the lockdown, here are a couple of ideas that might work for you. Bake a cake, prepare his favourite cuisine for lunch, give him a foot massage/spa, order his favourite book, or simply have a long-conversation over tea/coffee about some of his childhood days. Although I have written a letter to all the dads on their daughters’ behalf, you may write a personal letter for him as well — the sweetest gesture, a thing that never goes wrong. Simply express all that you feel and want to share with your dad, even the raw thoughts will do.

Even if really stuck and can’t do anything in specific , just pray for his good health and be a reason for the smile on his face — that would always suffice, for him.