Humans are generally social creatures and we thrive through the ways and nature of our socialisations with others. This socialisation affirms us, gives us feedback and validation as well as allows us to test out or compare our theories.

Removing this from us, leaves us feeling stripped of that part of our identity that is reaffirmed by others. This can be quite confusing to the psyche and can cause a lot of anxiety due to the fear of the unknown. Especially during this time, how the virus is rampaging our livelihoods. It has disrupted our usual habits and routines. As we already struggle with change, having one imposed on us in the form of isolation, lockdowns or quarantine can be very threatening.

Our anxieties are largely reduced by spending time with familiar people and gives us the confidence in how we navigate potential threats we encounter. However, being denied this social contact greatly limits our development, which threatens our ability to cope better.

We have seen the impact of solitary confinement in prisons, and how this returns a person back to their primacy; Survival. Survival of the fittest becomes an essential part. Whoever is strongest, has more resources, power and social connections. But now think of how connected we have been and what this isolation will do to it?

The best way to survive isolation is to maintain some kind of routine that allows you to attend to 3 fundamental aspects of life - Your Physical Self, Your Mental Self and Your Environment, to nurture your spiritual space.

       ·    PHYSICAL SELF - Eat well, keep fit and breathe deeply. Sleep and wake up as per normal.

·     MENTAL SELF - Read and educate yourself and those around you. Guide and support each other to establish a good balance.

 ·    ENVIRONMENT - Tidy up your environments; physical and mental ones too. It's time to attend to your own broken cabinets, the unfinished projects instead of devoting all your time to the employer.

So while isolation can be a scary time due to uncertainty, it is also a good time to Reflect and Introspect. Let us use this lockdown time to rethink where we are and where we are going.

Wish you a Pleasant and Productive Isolation!