Stress, anxiety, and frustration are the very common feelings everyone faces at work. Whether it’s an excessive workload or a heated discussion with your boss, you do get angry on certain days and that’s very natural.

Whether you are working in a business firm or as a teacher, emotional well-being is important in every field. Working at an office with many coworkers can be overwhelming and with the wrong approach, you can even get into trouble.

According to a 2020 World Health Survey with 5030 employees, workplace stress very deeply impacted employee mental health.

So how do we manage those feelings that hold us back? That is what we will discuss in this article. We will take you through 6 tips that can help you make the best out of your work experience.

1.    Take Deep Breaths

 So you are angry because of a co-worker's remark. You want to get up and fight but wait! Is it the right move? In most cases, it is better to avoid than to fight because keeping everyone happy and satisfied is near impossible. The best you can do is keep calm and take deep breaths.  Once you do that, then decide what to do ahead.

Deep breathing is proven to be a stress reliever and it’s very good for your body. Oxygen fills your lungs and belly properly through this practice which is great for your health.

2.    Compartmentalize

Do you take your office issues to your home? Do you like to gossip about your family with coworkers? If so, quit that!! Keeping work and personal life private is very important when it comes to living a happy and peaceful life.

If you keep your home and office matters separate, you will save yourself from unwanted stress. So to be efficient at home and at work learn to compartmentalize.

3.    Surround Yourself With Positivity

“A person is known by the company he keeps” is true in every walk of life. If you are used to chatting with coworkers who are pessimistic then you will start seeing your life from their lens. And that’s bad!!

Try to surround yourself with people who uplift you, who motivate you, and who make you feel happy and desired. They will not only help you work well but will help you live a meaningful life.

4.    Be Respectful

Now this one is very important. Our religion and culture teach us to be respectful but as we grow older we kind of forget that. Being rude and arrogant is a very bad practice that is considered highly unprofessional and can cut your stay in a company real quick.

So be kind, humble, and respectful at the office even during a conflict. As much as your competency matters, your attitude also matters a lot.

5.    Write Down Your Thoughts

Writing down any piece of information can not only help you memorize but also understand the bigger picture. When you write down thoughts you are better able to figure out the source and what triggers it. It also makes one feel like they have been heard. That is great especially when you can share a thought with someone.

So the next time you feel down and disturbed, write down your thought and try to understand them better to solve the issue. If something is keeping you up at night and you are unable to concentrate then it's best to write it down to find strategies for coping with it.

The person who best understands you is yourself so you should try to figure out certain issues yourself.

6.    Talk It Out

The last tip is very simple and helps in bonding with coworkers. If you have a problem with someone, go to them and talk about it. If you are very angry then you can delay the conversation. When you think the time is right go to them and be as honest but respectful as possible. You can’t imagine how helpful this can be.

It can help clear misunderstandings and help others understand you more. Talking also helps build trust and respect among colleagues. So the next time you feel like you can’t avoid and ignore a certain event, talk about it and everything will work out.

Even if they don't reply well you will still feel light-hearted about opening up and will have a clear picture of what to do next.  


In this article, we went through 6 tips that will help you work better with healthier emotions. Being emotional is natural but the way we deal with them makes the difference. When you are feeling restless take deep breaths, talk to the relevant person, or write your thoughts down for better decision making.

Additionally, try to surround yourself with good people that make you feel good about yourself and keep personal and work life separate so you can better deal with matters. It is easier said than done but with practice, you will get better at it.