Effective Communication with Your Partner - 7 Ways to Do It Right!

Have you ever been at crossroads while communicating with your partner? Do you think that you and your partner have equal share in creating tense moments? Are you arguing and fighting a lot these days with him/her with no obvious reason?

All these issues are common and arguments are a natural part of being in a couple relationship. You must have tried several methods of resolving conflicts but all in vain. No matter what you did, the communication process always ended up with more fights and squabbling.

Effective and empathetic communication between couples is an integral part of an intimate relationship. Communication fosters understanding, sharing, and mutual trust for each other. It is the foundation of loving relationships.

Communication is the key to a healthy and happy relationship. Openness to deal with issues comes from reaching out to each other without inhibitions and doubts. The ability to disconnect the frustrations and anger that restrict effective communication has to start from someone.

Signs of the Broken Communication Link

Sometimes, it may be hard for you to understand why things are turning bitter day by day in the relationship? You may feel that the communication links between the two of you have broken and you’re finding it hard to fix it.

There are different signs that hint lack of communication. Such as:

     ·       It is either you or your partner talking over an issue.

     ·       There is no sharing and mutual consensus.

     ·       There is a lot of criticizing, negative remarks, and blaming tendencies.

     ·       Disrespecting each other’s feelings.

     ·       Personal attacks are more than mutual sharing while talking.

     ·       Lack of empathy and respect for each others’ opinions.

Why communication between partners in a relationship fails?

Some of the flashy and well-maintained relationships can break down if the links of communication are broken. You may find many couples who otherwise appear happy and blissful, but their mutual bond is less tied and can break any moment.

This is because their communication is devoid of mutual sharing, respect, and empathy. The process of effective communication is not as easy as it may sound. The communication channel may break off due to several reasons:

     ·       Poor listening skills

     ·       Blaming and nitpicking each others’ faults

     ·       Lack of interest in hearing each other’s problems

     ·       Lot of screaming, yelling, and blaming while talking

     ·       Demeaning your partner

     ·       Assuming the red flags in relationship as the ultimate ones

7 Ways to Improve Communication And Tune Your Relationships

The good news is, you can always improve your communication skills and make your relationships better in no time. You just need to practice it quite often to make it perfect.

There are tried and tested ways by which you can make your communication effective and friendly. Some of them are as follows:

1. Keep no room for communication barriers

You will agree that effective communication needs openness and acceptance. There is no place for any barriers when you’re trying to revive old connections with your partner. Openness in communication means listening to each other’s needs and issues with clarity and empathy. It also means to share and respect each other’s views without restraints.

2. To bring up past issues is a big NO

Communication demands resolving issues in a friendly way. Thus, never bring past issues on the table. It is better to forget and forgive past hurts and touch each other’s chord of friendship and love all over again. Bringing up past hurts and harsh comments can upset the communication process. You and your partner may fall back into old habits of blaming and nitpicking each other’s faults. So, just avoid doing it as far as possible.

3. Try to be an active listener

Active listening leads to better understanding. It gives clarity about the issue in question. You will become more understanding and less judgmental. Active listening is a must in effective communication. It lends you more power to identify the major problems that needs to be sorted out in the relationship.

4. Always communicate face to face and with honesty

It is always good to talk face to face if you’re trying to sort out a problem mutually. Communication involves words and gestures. The non-verbal cues such as body language, facial expressions go a long way in building lost love and friendship. While talking to your partner, be friendly and express your deepest feelings honestly. Never hide things from each other. It helps to build trust and strengthen the bond.

5. Talk about setting healthy boundaries in a relationship

Setting boundaries in a relationship is important. It makes you and your partner know about what behavior is acceptable and what is not. When you set boundaries, the relation becomes well-defined. In the long run, it reduces the blame game. It fosters open communication without hiding anything about the relationship.

6. Avoid screaming and yelling at each other while talking

Sometimes your overwhelming emotions can become a barrier in effective communication. You need to avoid screaming and yelling at each other even if the points of discussion seem to take a hot turn. Having better control over emotions is important; otherwise the communication link can break off at any moment without a definite closure.

7. Listen to your partner's needs as well

Most of the relationship issues arise because partners fail to understand each other’s needs and wishes. Thus, whenever you sit down with your partner for a healthy discussion, remember to listen compassionately what he/she wants to convey. Reach out to them and lend your patient ears. It will do wonders by rebuilding the lost love and friendship that got faded due to ego clashes between the two of you.


The right communication skills can make relationships smooth and free-flowing. If you are looking for some relationship advice to better your communication skills with your partner, you can think of couples counseling or couples therapy online services. These services are reliable, cost friendly, and give the best advice to couples to resolve issues effectively.