The Key to Letting Go of Negative Emotions and Feelings

What does it really take to control and master your emotions? At times, you may feel that emotions have started controlling your thoughts, perspectives, and actions; that they should not. You feel overwhelmed and need to equip your skills to control and master the negative ways you feel. Here comes the role of Emotional Mastery.

What is Emotional Mastery?

Emotional mastery is a self-help process of awareness; where you understand your emotions; are able to control them and make a conscious effort of not letting it control or dictate your life. It is a way to direct your emotional states in productive and self-healing ways.

Emotional mastery takes place when you become capable to control your emotions and continue with your daily routine. It means that your emotions are not taking a toll on your ‘psyche’.

It is a comprehensive ability to identify, understand, use, and control emotions in positive ways to combat stress and overcome challenges. Emotional mastery helps you to respond more and react less to adverse life situations. When you have learned to master your feelings, you gain insight into an inner realm of absolute harmony and peace.

You are not crippled by your feelings; rather use them productively to get better in life. Let your emotions, negative or positive, serve and empower you to deal with daily chores more efficiently. Our intense emotions need to be soothed and balanced; so that they cannot stop you from functioning effectively.

Signs of Emotional Mastery

Emotions are an integral part of our inner self. When you have learnt to master your emotions; it means you have touched your humane side. You are capable of taking wisest decisions, irrespective of troubling thoughts and disturbing feelings.

- The Signs that tell you about your Emotional Control and your Emotional Mastery are:

1.  You are grateful for all the good and bad things in life. Accepting life as it happens; is the hallmark of your character.

     2.  Gossip and blame game is never your option.

     3.  You have a positive mindset that is free from fear, anger, and negativity.

     4.  Success of others motivates you to do better. You are not jealous, rather know to appreciate them well.

    5. You do not live in a state of emotional crisis because you know the art of validating your deepest fears and painful agonies.

    6. With fewer emotional triggers, you have become hard to be hurt because you have learned to heal most of your past wounds.

     7.   You are mature enough to accept and love yourself. This is actually the best way of emotional healing.

     8.   A calm authority pervades in your psychological makeup; that makes you serene from within.

     9.   A purposeful life always awaits you. You feel happy and abundant; even in loneliness.

    10.  A sense of personal responsibility and accountability for your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

    11.  You appreciate everything, even the challenges that you face.

    12.  Stable friendships and interpersonal relationships become your strength.

    13.  You can easily recognize and accept all negative feelings openly.

    14.  Ability to endure setbacks and stay calm in adverse times.

   15.  You never hang on to resentments; as you know to forget and forgive others. Letting go of your emotional baggage is the ultimate sign of emotional mastery.

How Does Emotional Mastery Help You?

Emotional mastery helps you to feel emotions right within; right now. You need not hold on to your feelings for some other nice time to realize and comprehend it. Happiness, joy, and peace of mind are choices available to all. No one can tell you; how to feel moment to moment. It is only your perspectives that determine your feelings.

Emotional mastery is vital for mental wellness. It helps you to approach your feelings with a healthy mindset. It teaches you not to dwell on negativity, but to accept circumstances with ease. When you have control over your feelings, you develop a better quality of life. It affects your adjustment, interpersonal relationships, and social skills.

- Emotional Mastery can help you in the following ways:

     1.      Understand and manage emotional highs and lows.

     2.      Stops you from overreacting to daily stressful circumstances; that you might be in.

     3.      It controls negative thoughts and breaks the vicious cycle of overthinking.

     4.      Helps let go of past emotional hurts.

     5.      Fosters good social interactions in personal and professional life.

     6.      It helps to develop empathy and kindness.

     7.      You can handle conflicts in a much better way.

     8.      Emotional mastery helps to accept and embrace change. It doesn’t make you overwhelmed in challenging situations.

Ways to Let Go of Negative Feelings

Life is an emotional rollercoaster. Whenever you feel tied up to negative thoughts and feelings; you should allow yourself to feel every bit of it, but do not hold onto it. Holding pain and carrying an emotional baggage won’t fix anything. Replaying past wounds can only give more pain. It is imperative to let go of feelings that do not serve any positive purpose.

Though it sounds easy, it is not so always. Conscious effort to let go of negative feelings is needed to restore emotional wellness.

- Few proven Self-Help Tips are:

    1.  Let go of grudges and resentments – Allow yourself to forgive others and move along happily in life. Do not hold a grudge or resentment against people who might have done any wrong to you. When you let go of grudges, you feel happy from within.

2. Negative attitudes are a barrier – You should drop all negative attitudes about yourself and others. Do not negate your abilities and instead engage in positive self-talk. Negative thought patterns and jealousy can bring cognitive distortions and clouds your perspectives. Thus, avoid being negative as a tool to attain emotional mastery.

3.   Say no to toxic contacts and relationships – If your relationships appear conflicting, negative, and lack trust and stability, it is better to avoid them as much as possible. Toxic relationships can only spoil peace of mind and robs you of happiness.

4.  Avoid pleasing others – People pleasing is a toxic way to seek approval from others. Stop doing that. You need to rise above other people’s opinions to live a healthy life. Define your ‘self-image’ and cut off toxic bonds that criticize and ridicule you for no apparent reason.

5.  Think before responding – Always take a pause and think before responding. It is important to understand whether your response is appropriate for the situation you are in.

6.  Practice mindful living – Be present in your moments and leave past thoughts and future worries. Live now and here and let go of hurtful feelings that only make you more anxious.

7.  Allow negative emotions to flow freely – If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like yelling, do so and relief yourself. Many times, people are afraid of showing negative emotions and keep them within them. This pent-up tension thrives within you and hurts a lot. Let your negative emotions be free to flow and be ready to accept them and Let Go.

8.  Surround yourself with positive people – This simple, yet powerful technique can help you get through any hurtful circumstance easily. If you have loving relationships around, talk to them and let them know how you feel. Allow yourself to lean on loved ones and remember all the good things in your life.

Parting Words

Letting go of a hurtful past is the hallmark of Emotional Mastery. You need to make a conscious effort to take control of your emotions and ‘how you feel’? Be kind to yourself and develop an attitude of positivity to accept things as they are; not as the way you want. Then only you can celebrate the joy of peaceful and fulfilled living. Let life flow.

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