The question seems fairly simple, there ought to be 100 ways for sure to be able to improve or boost the family relationship, but things are not as rosy as they may seem, the rat race for money, success, growth, etc., has left us with almost little to no time for ourselves and/or for our family members. We get up early morning, get ready, run to the office, slough for 8-10 hours, commute for next 1-2 hours reach home, watch some TV and we crash in bed, this is the story of a normal India nowadays, this leads to unhappiness within the family, it’s difficult to get out of this rat race all together however taking a conscious decision and working towards it can make a lot of difference, priority is the key, work is a priority but so is the family.
Following are the things that can be done to boost the family relationship:
1.     Priorities: The way you priorities work,  you should also look at prioritizing your family, take out some time for kids, play with them, read with them, ask them how their day was, what do they like, if there is something bothering them, do they have some plans for the weekend, the list can go on and on, similarly take out time for other members in the family, not only will this improve your family bonding but it will additionally act as a stress buster and you will feel better, much more in control of life. I know it sounds simple but is not, however, nothing comes for free; you will have to put in the effort, initially, it would be difficult but with passing time you will start enjoying spending time as well as creating a balance, it would be fun and you would want to do that.
2.     Disconnect to Re-Connect: In this digital era when people are sitting right next to each other still are on their smartphones, it’s important to reduce the screen time to almost “0” during family time, if and only if everyone is together it qualifies to be called as family time. As per New York Post, Restaurants are giving out discounts if you turn off your phone, and there’s a valid reason behind it, if you stay away from the phone, mealtime becomes more memorable. It's a thing which is true for family time as well. You can only Re-connect with the family if you can disconnect from your devices. During family time, you can have a strict “No WiFi. Talk to each other” policy.
3.     Set aside time for Partner: As per research University of Wisconsin-Extension & University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Research shows that when couples are having fun together, it helps them feel positive about each other and improves their relationship satisfaction,”
In India, there is this saying, husband and wife are 2 wheels of a vehicle. If one gets punctured, the vehicle can't move any further, this saying is absolutely true, if you set aside time for your partner, you would have fun memories, you both would be on the same page with respect to everything, including kids and this mutual love and understanding would be of great help in boosting the family relationship.
4.     Use positive communication: If kids walk up to you to talk about something, listen to them irrespective of whatever you may be doing. We all make mistakes, get angry, get frustrated, share such stories with your children and partner, normalize mistakes, this will build trust and acceptance within the family. If ever, your kid would make a mistake someday, instead of hiding he/she would be confident that they can walk up to you, own their mistake and move on. 

Talk about subjects like love, sex, honesty these may be difficult to start with but, it lays a foundation for kids and the whole family.
5.     Show appreciation: Show appreciation for even the smallest thing, say thank you when your kid, wife or husband gets you a glass of water, saying I love you when your kids, wife, or husband go to sleep can go a long way in improving the family relationship. Not everything is verbal, be attentive towards non-verbal cues like your kid comes to you and you feel he/she needs a cuddle, go ahead, a kiss on the forehead is a great way to show you love them and you are always there for them. Everyone in the family will reciprocate eventually leading towards a strong family relationship.
6.     Team Work: Your partner and the kids should feel that they are a part of the family, they should be involved in the decision-making process, household chores should be divided amongst the family members, let everyone share their stories, acknowledge each other’s strengths and weaknesses, motivate each other to work on their strength. Overcome each other’s weakness, after all, what family is for. Make a point to show at each other’s activities, appreciate, and cheer them on their wins and even be with them if they lose.
Some Bonus Tips:
How Can You Rebuild The Marriage?
What is marriage, be it love or arrange, it is about two people coming together for the rest of their lives (at least in India). They come together to be with each other, share moments be it good, bad, or ugly. It’s about being with each other and being happy with each other, finding moments and cherishing them, it’s an exploration journey, both try to get to know each other, there is new energy, excitement, playfulness, chaos and an element of surprise, what next, however, as the relationship ages, this excitement or the newness gives way to taking each other for granted and that’s where things start to fall apart.
Now the billion-dollar question, how can it be saved, here is a list of a few things that can be done to save or rebuild a marriage:
1.     Get the spark back: Do you like boiled food, the answer is “naaa”, similarly in a relationship you will have to keep adding spice to make it fun, who does not like surprises?
Plan an outing, a dinner date, a movie together, go trekking, mountaineering, a concert, music night, sing together doesn’t matter how badly, do gardening, etc there are literally 100,000 things you can do based on your likings, this will act like oxygen for your relationship.
2.     Communicate more: There is absolutely nothing more important than communication in the relationship, discuss everything good, bad, ugly, discuss future plans what you think is great and what’s not working out, good communication is the key to a healthy relationship.
3.     Adjust your demands:  Now couples are independent both are working, earning their own livelihood, and are not dependent on each other, this leads to a situation where two independent people are staying together to share happiness and whatever may come in between. A couple needs to understand this and ensure they have some broader agreement on how they look at things and what’s acceptable and what’s not, for everything else, both can accommodate each other, isn’t that what marriage is all about, being together, forever.
4.     Be the change: There certainly would be things that you don’t like about your partner, after all every individual has a different way of looking at things and no one is perfect. Couples need to accept the difference and try to fix things they don’t like about their partner in their own behaviour. Instead of trying to change your partner, change yourself, soon they will notice it in your behaviour and will modify or change their behavior accordingly. However, if you were being pushy and were trying to change your partner, most likely it will backfire, in a relationship both are equal and you don’t own your partner, you are equals and are together because you love each other and don’t want to give up on each other.

At the end of the day, life is about priorities, if your relationship is your priority, you will do anything and everything to ensure it works out. However, if you have burnt your bridge already, the chances of going back are really slim. Although not impossible. With a little help and guidance, it is possible to mend the broken ends.

Lastly, professional counselling could act as a leased line for your relationship and this leased line could act as a catalyst that could actually help you get your relationship back.