Have you ever come across situations in life when annoyance and irritability overpowered your fragile Mental Health?

Maybe you had a bad day in the office where the boss irritated you, your team member shies away from his responsibility and you feel overwhelmed and fully out of control?

These small issues and many more like these can rob your inner peace and happiness. So, now what can you do to restore your mental health and feel in tune with yourself?

You can learn to control your emotional responses through a self-help training skill known as Emotional Mastery.

What Exactly Is Emotional Mastery?       

Emotional mastery means being in a state of awareness and acceptance of the way you feel. It refers to a gradual and slow process of controlling and conquering negative emotions that slowly leads to feelings of being overwhelmed and jittery.

In this process, you will not allow your feelings to overpower you. Being in control of your emotions cannot happen suddenly.

It is a process of identifying, controlling, and using your overwhelming feelings in positive ways to develop good relationships and effective communication with others.

Emotional mastery helps in diffusing conflict. It gives you inner peace and happiness like never before. The process helps to reduce everyday stress as you are no longer the victim of your overwhelming feelings.

What Emotional Mastery Consists Of?

Emotional mastery consists of four important processes. By following these processes, you will be able to know the inside out of your inner being. You will be able to identify the triggers that lead to negative feelings.

This process also allows you to let go of past sufferings through healing. You will slowly learn to overcome and subdue those disturbing feelings that are all-consuming and impacts life in intense ways.

1. Self-Awareness

Emotional mastery allows knowing oneself. You can say it’s a process of self introspection. Through this process, you know your deepest feelings and how they impact your thoughts and behavior. This means you get to know both the positive and negative feelings and the source causing them. Becoming aware of one’s subtle feelings is the first step towards mastery.

2. Self-Management

This process of emotional mastery looks into your ability to control impulsive behavior. When you learn to manage your frustrations and resentments thoroughly, you can control your reckless actions as well. Maybe now you know why you are acting out in specific ways? Can you find an alternate way to tackle your life situation?

Self-management helps to take initiative and face challenges that make you feel overwhelmed. You actually learn to adapt, accept, and embrace your feelings the way they are.

Emotional mastery is the art of achieving a better relationship with oneself and others. It develops a sense of responsibility and commitment.

3. Social Awareness

In this, you learn to identify and understand the deeper emotions of others. You will learn to pick up cues that hint at emotional turmoil that others might be going through.

Emotional mastery allows awareness about why and how others behave in certain specific ways. Knowing these will help to fine-tune your feelings as per the needs of others, minimizing conflicts and disagreements with them.

4. Relationship Management

Another important aspect of emotional mastery is relationship management. Through this process, you will master the art of developing and maintaining good relationships, managing conflicts, developing compassion and empathy, inspiring others, etc.

Mastering overwhelming feelings also allows effective communication with others, thereby making group activities productive, enjoyable, and conflict-free.

Pros of Experiencing Emotional Mastery

Emotional mastery has many benefits in its kitty.

     ·       You are in better control of your stress triggers

     ·       Emotional outbursts have become less frequent

     ·       You’re in sync with your inner joy and poise

     ·       Less mood swings

     ·       You’re level-headed and less agitated deep within

     ·       Relationships have become tension free and happy because you have learnt the art of forgiveness

     ·       Less resentment on the way always

    ·       You are consistently feeling happy and joyous no matter what the situation is. You are keeping yourself calm and cool

     ·       Emotional mastery leads to patience and resilience

     ·       You have learned to accept all your feelings as it is. There is no censoring, cut-offs, and judgments

     ·       You are no longer pulled back by negative emotions and pessimism

5 Techniques of Emotional Mastery

So far, we have spoken a lot about how Emotional Mastery helps in Psychological Wellness and the various processes that are involved in the process.

Now it’s time for a quick take on the techniques of emotional mastery. These techniques are actionable ways that you can incorporate into your daily life to triumph over your negative emotions.

     1.  Identify your feelings and let them flow in and out as it is. Acceptance is the first step towards mastery.

    2.  Appreciate and embrace your emotions as a part of you. Without emotions, your life is meaningless. They are the flavor and color that define your existence.

   3.  Approach your emotions with a sense of curiosity. Try to pay attention to what these emotions are telling you. Acknowledge your feelings whether good or bad as authentic and meaningful.

    4.  The most powerful way to master emotions is by remembering a previous situation where you have handled a difficult emotional surge in a healthy way. By this, you gain the confidence of handling similar situations successfully now and in the future as well.

    5.  Celebrate your small success stories where you have controlled your annoyance, anger, and fear in a healthy way without getting overwhelmed. In doing so, you gather more courage and confidence to master emotions in troubling times as well.

To Sum Up

Emotions are an integral part of being human. Thus, cultivating emotional mastery helps to use your feelings in healthy ways so that life becomes all the more beautiful. You should not allow emotions to use you. This life skill is an essential ingredient for achieving your dreams and goals.

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