5 Partner Yoga Benefits To Count On  

The hustle bustle of daily life has posed a threat to relationships. People are finding it hard to connect emotionally with each other in an intimate bonding.

The stressful lifestyle became a reason for communication gap between partners leading to anger issues, unhappy sex life, half-hearted communication, and lack of physical touch and psychological intimacy.

You can resolve these relationship issues by incorporating a power-packed process of couple yoga into your daily living.

What is Couple Yoga?

In conventional ways, yoga is considered as a mindfulness practice to be done individually. However, the art of jointly practicing yoga with a friend or partner is equally beneficial. Couple yoga allows two people to connect with each other at deeper levels.

It is a process of practicing yoga together with your partner and reaping the benefits jointly. The term ‘yoga’ means union.

It implies a state of harmony of mind and body that leads to a Universal Consciousness where you become aware of your internal processes and how it relates to other people around you.

Couple yoga does nothing different. It’s a subtle way of communication between two people through various postures and movements to nurture love and intimacy, develop trust and friendship, remove communication barriers, and strengthen the relationship in all possible ways.

Couple yoga or partner yoga is a joint venture that takes place through breathing exercises, touch poses and postures, and various yoga asana.

In this process, the couple pays attention to each other’s innate states and aligns themselves with the other person. This means they work together toward a common goal.

The purpose of partner yoga is to resolve anxiety, mitigate individual differences, and improve relationship wellness.

Assets of Couple Yoga

Couple yoga aims to improve partner intimacy by using yoga postures that facilitate breathing, touching, moving, and connecting body and mind union between partners.

The various ways couple yoga can improve your overall living are as follows:

1. Improves intimacy and relationship satisfaction

When you practice yoga with your partner, it improves physical touch and improves intimacy. It makes the relationship free-flowing by generating positive vibes. At the same time, you learn to let go of each other’s flaws and start looking at the brighter side.

Learning to slow down together through yoga and meditation leads to stronger emotional connection. It improves physical attraction and connects both of you at the same level of understanding.

Couple yoga is a retreat process to restore the spark of friendship and relationship satisfaction for a long time.

One of the best yoga to do it right is by practicing ‘Partner Seated Position’ where calmness prevails and syncing of two souls occurs together.

2. Tool for stress management and anxiety

Couple yoga facilitates moments of togetherness and happiness that are hard to find in your hectic schedule.

A few moments of pleasure, happiness, and intimacy that you get through practicing yoga together can actually make your day stress-free.

Your work efficiency will improve and you will be able to overcome daily hassles much more easily without getting overwhelmed and frustrated.

Moreover, practicing with your partner makes the process more rewarding. You will feel more loved and cared for in your daily life.

One of the best way to do this is by practicing ‘Seated Wide-Legged Forward Fold (Upavistha Konasana)’ in which the couple gets to sit in front of each other and experience the finer connection fully.

3. Improves trust and breaks communication barriers

Partner yoga is based on togetherness, support and mutual cooperation. To make the process successful, both partners will have to play their part. The yoga pose teaches you to become more aware of the present moment.

It connects you with your partner in a delicate and precise manner. The Yoga posture encourages both verbal and non-verbal communication during the practice. Thus, both of you can become more tolerant and open-minded.

It also improves mutual trust and you will feel like sharing more with your partner. In times of disagreement with your partner, you will keep yourself poised and try to remove barriers in communication that are the culprits.

One of the ideal yoga technique to improve communication is the ‘Double Dancer Pose (Natarajasana) where you will stand facing your partner and looking into their eyes. This yoga generates positivity and intimacy in the relationship.

4. Dissipates anger issues

Anger is a primary emotion and it’s a natural way to respond when you are annoyed with someone. Couple relationship also has its share of anger and arguments. Partner yoga is the best way to give and receive peace and happiness to each other.

Yoga calms you down in tensed moments. It teaches relaxation to the agitated mind, thus you are no longer feeling annoyed and angry.

Couple yoga improves your level of understanding with your partner, so you already know what can annoy the other person easily.

Being mindful about the minute nitty-gritty of emotional connection reduces anger, leading to a happy conjugal relationship.

You can start working on ‘Back-to-Back Breathing’ that facilitates alternate breathing forms between partners and renders a calming effect on both.

5. Encourages playfulness

Through couple yoga you can experience fun and share few lighter moments of absolute bliss and togetherness. It allows letting go and face challenges of life together.

Cultivating fun and peace in a yoga session can help you use a similar strategy in your day-to-day life. Tense moments will be swiped away with laughter and cheer.

For this, you can practice ‘Childs Pose (Balasana) and Seated Backbend (Paschimottanasana / Matsyasana) posture. It improves playfulness and intimacy.

Parting words

Partner yoga intensifies a deeper connection between couples. It is rewarding and a friendly way to keep the flame of intimacy intact between couples. The more in-tune you feel with your partner, the lesser will be the clashes and conflicts to be found around.

Still there are couples who may find it hard to maintain their relationship intact and conflict-free, or may find lack of effective communication affecting their bond with their partners. For them, couples counseling and relationship advice works wonders.

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