Types of Depression and Depression Symptoms

Humans and their emotions form a baffling puzzle. Animals and other creatures also emote but not as varied and extreme as us, the Homo sapiens. Emotions help us keep in touch with our human side but if imbalanced they can turn us into something which we never thought we’d be or could be. It's alright to feel down and out once in a while but if the condition persists over a period of time and interferes with one’s daily life functioning, then it's time to seek medical / psychological intervention. When we talk about ‘Emotional’ problems, Depression tops the list. It can infact be called as a sort of ‘Emotional’ Disorder, causing damage to our sense of feeling and it occurs in different forms.

Let's take a look at the various Types of Depression:

1) Major Depressive Disorder (MDP)

This depression is the most common and one may have it if they feel depressed most of the days of the week. It is characterized by no interest in activities which gave you pleasure before, loss/gain in weight, no sleep or too much of it, suicidal thoughts etc. Therapy & Medication are prescribed and are most effective.

2) Persistent Depressive Disorder

Depression lasting for more than 2 years is called PDD. Again it's characteristics are similar to MDD. Psychotherapy and medication have proven to be effective for majority of patients.

3) Bipolar Disorder

It's also called Manic Depression because the person swings between the two extremes of emotions ranging from high energy with an elated mood to low depression periods. It's a little difficult to diagnose because a person seems happy and does everything with enthusiasm and that seems like normal behavior but when one is in the low phase, one feels major depression. Medication proves most effective here and stabilizes the mood swings. Psychotherapy provides support & understanding to the family as well.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Periods of major depression that happens during seasons where there is less sunlight like monsoon & winter is called SAD. One feels better in summer; anti-depressants & light therapy provide relief.

5) Psychotic Depression

Depression which is characterized by hallucination, delusion & paranoia is called Psychotic Depression. Combination of anti-depressant & anti-psychotic drugs along with counselling can be of help.

6) Postpartum Depression (PPD)

This depression affects 15% of women around childbirth. It's caused by hormonal changes, sleep deprivation & other physical & emotional factors. Its symptoms are extreme sadness, low energy, crying periods, thoughts of killing the child etc. Anti-depressant drugs and counselling helps in treating it. 

7) Premenstrual Psychotic Disorder (PMDD)

Women with PMDD get depressed around the start of their menses. One feels irritable, fatigued, sleepy, restless, overwhelmed under this kind of depression. Medication helps in keeping it under control.

Depression can strike anyone at anytime. It's always advisable to lead a healthy and active lifestyle so that one's mental and physical health is in top shape. Don't wait for things to get worse. Prevention is always better than cure. However, if you feel that you or any of your loved ones is currently suffering from any one of the above types of depression, don’t hesitate to seek help. If not sure where to get help from feel free to talk to a Psychologist here on Rich Psych and seek help in a hassle free manner from any place,with just a few clicks.