What is in-home counselling? What are the benefits of in-home counseling for people?

In home-based counselling, counseling is targeted at helping people with specific mental or emotional problems or challenges, such as anxiety or depression. The counsellor comes directly to the client’s home to provide the required services, thus the name "in a home". This kind of therapy can help improve quality of life by giving individuals the tools needed to cope with difficulties they may be facing. It can even help family and caregivers understand what their loved ones may be experiencing by being present there and how they can best support them. 

Some Important Benefits of in-home counselling for people are:

1. Individualized Care:
Having a therapist come to the person's house means both people are more comfortable and can work in an environment where they feel most at ease, especially for the client who might otherwise take time in adjusting to a new setting or environment.

2. A Better Connection:
A friendly connection between the therapist and client is formed which leads to increased trust. The rapport formed with this kind of therapy can help decrease any anxiety or apprehension about the treatment, preventing the client from seeking treatment elsewhere.

3. Convenience:
Not having to travel to see your therapist improves convenience, especially for those with mobility challenges, such as seniors who often find it hard to leave their homes, whether hourly home care or full time, due to physical limitations like arthritis or Parkinson's Disease. Home-based therapy can be most beneficial for such individuals.

4. Benefits For Caregivers:
In-home Counselling offers many benefits for family members who want to care for their loved ones but struggle with not knowing how to best help them. Having a therapist come to the person's home and offer guidance and support is beneficial for those caring full-time. They can feel more confident in their abilities and receive emotional support from the therapist.

5. Flexibility:
A home visit gives people more flexibility because it allows you to choose where your session will take place; options include the living room couch, a recliner chair, or even a bed if necessary. It also means that sessions can last longer than an hour which can be helpful if someone finds themselves having difficulty concentrating or sitting still for so long. Additionally, any discussions about sensitive topics such as feelings of anger often happen during this type of therapy, so that can be taken care of in a safe space.

6. No Travel Time:
Some older or handicapped people may have trouble with transportation because of arthritis or dementia. Others do not want to go out anymore due to physical limitations or lack of social activities or anxiety. In Home-based therapy, your counsellor comes right to you instead! You don't have to worry about parking issues or canceling your appointments when inclement weather is on its way, instead, you continue to stay in your comfort zone and enjoy therapy sessions right at home.

7. No More Waiting In Long Lines:
Nowadays, most people avoid going out because they're afraid they'll spend most of their time waiting, whether it's for food at the grocery store, the doctor's office, or simply in line at Starbucks. You can relax, sleep, study or read a book while waiting for your counsellor to arrive at your place, so there's no need to worry about your time getting wasted while travelling or waiting.

8. Sense of Security And Confidentiality:
Your counsellor has all of your information in one place, so you don't need to answer questions over and over again. Home-based counselling can also give a sense of security to the individual as their records will be maintained at home and can free the client from feeling anxious that their files or reports can be read or accessed by others outside, so this form of counselling can ensure a sense of security and confidentiality for clients who feel insecure or anxious while sharing personal information.

Wrapping Up!

Having to make an effort to go out and see your therapist can be difficult, especially for seniors who are already experiencing challenges due to their age. Hence, in-home counselling is an excellent option for anyone who wants to get help but struggles with transportation or physical limitations that may prevent them from getting out of the house to do so and provide the services at their home.

So what are some benefits of in-home or home-based counselling? The most significant advantage is that you and your therapist can work together in a setting where you feel most comfortable. Having a better connection between the two of you means increased trust, leading to decreased anxiety about receiving therapy altogether. Not traveling also offers convenience, especially if someone has mobility issues, such as arthritis, etc.

Moreover, in the event of a pandemic, we know that many people will need in-home care and support. That's why Rich Psych offers Online Counselling and Therapy Services to help you through your recovery process by offering affordable Online Therapy Plans, when there isn't enough time or resources for face-to-face counselling with a therapist.