There are no happy-ever-afters or fairytale endings to all relationships. Breaking up with someone very close to you is painful. When you feel disappointed, angry, and in pain, you may make abrupt, rash decisions. When that occurs, you may begin to wonder how you can get revenge on your Ex.

If you have recently had a nasty break up, or at some point, you would have definitely used Google to the utmost by looking up the different ways by which you can take revenge from your Ex.

When you are betrayed, or finally take the blinders off your eyes and realize that you have been mistreated or that your Ex had been controlling your life and happiness, there is nothing worse than that feeling. Hurt that reaches an optimum level leads to hatred, which is the catalyst for revenge.

Thus, if you'd like to know how to get revenge while staying dignified, you're at the right place. Keep reading further for the best advice after a breakup.

6 Healthy Ways To Take Revenge From Your Ex

     1.      Upgrade Your Life

Don't just live your life, but make sure they know it. Try to live as if what happened didn't affect you or your mental and emotional health. Keep living your life the same way you always had. There should be nothing stopping you from enjoying your life not even your Ex. You can even discuss revenge ideas with your friends.

The pain of a breakup is as real as any physical pain. Moving on without any closure is even more tragic. You can't deny that, but don't show it. Keep your Ex from knowing you are struggling without them. Don’t feed their ego. And gradually you will start feeling better. Sometimes pretence is all you need to feel good in the long run.

2.      Get Rid of The Gifts

If you want to do whatever it takes to get over a heartbreak, get rid of all the gifts they have given you. Yes, it's okay to throw away the most expensive ones as well.

If the person who gave you the gift has no meaning to you, then the gift has no value. If your Ex dumped you, this is the best revenge you can take from them. To add more fun to it, burn down all their pictures. Take a step toward moving forward by doing what is suitable and healthy for you.

3.      Love Yourself More Than You Hate Them

If they choose not to live with you, you do them a favour and move on. They left your life because they didn't want you to be a part of theirs. And this is their loss, not yours. When you take revenge on your Ex, you should love yourself more than you hate them. Focus on your emotional well-being instead of investing your energy into hating them. Because the more time you spend hating them, unknowingly you make them win.

Hate can be a powerful emotion. Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed by it that it adversely affects our well-being. Hatred can lead to behavior we wouldn't engage in when we are in a positive state of mind. Don't let the hatred overcome you.

4.      Learn From the Experience

Break-ups can provide significant learning opportunities despite the heartbreak and pain. Don't let your emotions drive you to vandalize property, steal a car, drink till you drown, or go on a hunger strike. Instead, use them for something worthwhile. A person's ability to express themselves creatively is often heightened during times of sadness. Feelings provide a catalyst for writing, painting, or enjoying other creative outlets. Though you may not feel like you've got a revenge, however you will have created something unique as a result of the actions of your Ex.

5.      Take Care of Yourself

Researchers have found that people who participate in Extreme acts of revenge feel worse about themselves in the long run. In our heads, we might have revenge fantasies, but acting on them in any way won't help us. Rather than getting upset from the Experience, try to learn from it and become a better person. Spending quality time in healing, calming and pampering yourself.

Make Them Feel Jealous

Another crazy way to take revenge on an Ex is by making them feel jealous. Couldn’t figure out how to do so? No worries, we will guide you.

Make your Ex aware that you're over them. For Example, share a funny tweet, a photo from a great vacation, or the news about a new job on platforms like Instagram or Facebook where your Ex can notice such updates.

Make your Ex aware of everything they're missing. While you can't interact with your Ex on social media, you can definitely like or comment on their friends' posts. This will show your Ex that you are actively engaged on social media but are ignoring them. Doing so will make them full of jealousy.

Can a Therapist Help Me Move Beyond Revenge?

A therapist’s advice on breakups can significantly assist you in sifting through the choices and choosing what is best for you and your future. Exploring your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can help you gain a greater understanding of yourself. A trained professional or a relationship counsellor can evaluate your emotions, help you understand them better by providing different perspectives which you might have missed due to all the anger and sadness and help you feel comfortable and in control.

A therapist can also challenge you to try something you have never considered before. From seeking revenge to pursuing happiness, their expertise can change your perspective. If you need suggestions, insight, or support, they're always there for you.

How Rich Psych Can Support You

At Rich Psych, you can learn different ways of dealing with a break up as well as learn how to identify and manage the stress it has caused you. Connect with the most experienced relationship experts and get the best guidance from them. They will also teach you healthy ways of seeking revenge from your Ex and fighting the urge of doing the same.

Numerous people have turned inward and developed their wellness, a better lifestyle, and techniques to manage their emotions with the assistance of our counsellors. You can easily talk to a counsellor or psychologist via an Audio or Video Call or Chat with them at a mutually preferred time using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop right from the comfort of your home.

Rich Psych will connect you with the most suitable professionals to guide you through this process. Below you can find some suggestions by our Counsellors and Psychologists on this similar matter:

“People tend to get hurt and are hurt very easily and that leads to having negative feelings and thoughts. You may be hurt a lot right now so that's why you feel like taking revenge would make you feel better and ease your pain but no that's not how it works. Let's say you take revenge also from your ex, but what if tomorrow you are in the same situation, would you like to be treated like that?”

“You feel angry, sad, betrayed. You are in the moment of suffering. According to you, revenge is a way to cope with the present suffering. But if you analyse deep down, you will find that even if you take revenge some kind of anger, resentment will still be there.” 

“Being hurt is very painful and it seems like the pain will never go away. But it does... time is a great healer. I suggest - take some time out to chill maybe a week or two. Then decide what you want to do - take revenge or move on to better things. Don't take steps you will regret later.”

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Experiencing a breakup is challenging. You may find it beneficial to talk with a breakup therapist online to facilitate the process of navigating the aftermath of relationship loss, helping you set realistic goals and develop plans to achieve them. Take the first step toward living your best, most radiant life today. That's the best revenge you can take!