Why does it feel like I have to force myself to leave bed and go to work everyday. Maybe I lack motivation. I do like my work but I don’t feel like going there. Is it just laziness? ?

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Last Updated: 19/05/2020 at 07:15PM

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May 19th, 2020 04:53PM

Alka Ranjan

No, it is not just laziness. There is a need to do self-reflection. Is there stress at work? Or, is there a personal stress? Are you trying to hide or ignore an issue and are unable to accept it? You can do an exercise - Write down things that are troubling you at office or at home. This will help you to identify the issues. Once you know the problem - you will be able to solve the problem or can also talk to a counsellor. 
May 19th, 2020 07:15PM

Hari Pal Singh Saini

Follow the advise given by Ms. Alka Ranjan. You need to search the trouble point for its redressal. If still you are not able to crystalize the situation, please do seek advise from your counselor. Best wishes and compliments!