Why do I get so occupied in my own chain of thoughts that I cannot concentrate on the activities that I do??

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Last Updated: 23/03/2019 at 10:26AM

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Mar 23rd, 2019 10:26AM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

Your mind is in hyperactive mode - planning, speculating, working out permutations and combinations and many more things. When the mind is overworking - not much productive work can happen. You need to slow down the mind. One simple way is JOURNALING - that is in a notebook, every time you feel your mind is overworking or has too many ideas floating around - just begin writing - don't bother about grammar, spelling or trying to frame proper sentences just 'vomit' your mind out - as it is, don't filter anything. You are just unloading all your thoughts on paper. Take as long as you want to empty (write) everything out on paper. Your mind will slow down after a while and you will find yourself making sense of a lot of things - more importantly you will find the mindspace - to concentrate on activities you would like to do. In your writing maybe you would uncover thoughts that you would find useful and helpful. Maybe you just need to talk to someone - just to voice things out. If you feel the need to talk to a counsellor - please do so. If they are some issues that need resolving - it would be a good place to start.