This is my first year in college and away from home. I live in a hostel and seven months have passed and I'm still not able to cope with college life. I still feel homesick and sometimes feel like leaving everything and going back home but this will make my parents unhappy because they have invested a lot of money in my engineering degree. Please give me tips to deal with college stress and pressure and not to give up??

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Last Updated: 24/02/2019 at 07:54PM

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Feb 24th, 2019 07:54PM

Anam Mukaddam

Hello! Well the only way to deal with your stress is to fight it. Speak more often to your parents and tell them how you feel and maybe they will also have some good tips to help you out with it. Settling down will take a while as you have it in your mind and that is what you need to get rid of. Try making friends and spending time with them. Share your problems with them as right now the only people who understand you are they as they all are away from home and probably feel homesick too. Try to understand that you need to pay more attention on your studies. If you dont pay attention then you may score less and I am sure you or your parents don't want that to happen. Go for a walk, speak to your parents about your problems, share your lonliness with your roommates and friends who are around you. And if you still feel like you need to speak about this then you can take up a session with me and I can help you out!