My uncle has a very weird character. During an argument with anybody, he can never admit he was wrong. He argues upto such an extent that we don't go to tell him further he was wrong and nod our head like we agree with him. What do you call this mental condition(in medical terms) where one feels that he is always right and is not eligible to be corrected ever?????

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Last Updated: 28/05/2020 at 12:22PM

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May 28th, 2020 12:22PM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

Unless a person is willing to see all sides of an argument/situation, it is futile to convince him to do so. If ultimately you have to nod in agreement with him, why argue in the first place. Knowing a medical term of this condition makes no difference, unless you want to throw it on his face. BUT THIS IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE WAY OF HANDLING THIS ISSUE. If you want to learn how to handle such a situation – I suggest you enrol for a counselling plan on Rich Psych, that will provide sufficient time for the counsellor and you to discuss, understand and see how best to approach the situation.