My husband never pays attention to me? I feel very depressed??

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Last Updated: 12/12/2018 at 09:04PM

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Sep 10th, 2018 03:56PM

Anam Mukaddam

At some point of life as humans we start disrespecting each other and the same applies in a marriage. This isn't the time to break down but to try to do things to make him pay attention to you. Cook his favorite food, try to communicate with him, go out together and spend some quality time. If you still feel things aren't working out, talk it out to him about it and tell him how you feel, sometimes we are so much into our own problems that we are unable to see their sufferings. Tell him that you feel that he never pays attention to you and if he denies then you must know that maybe he is stressed or worried about something else. Be open to each other and share your feelings, there is no point keeping it inside of you and then one day bursting like a volcano that will destroy everything. 
Sep 11th, 2018 07:09PM

Srishti Narula

Love, affection and attention are important things that we expect from a significant other and that can make one feel good and happy. Its absolutely  normal for you to feel upset when your husband does kot pay attention to you. However, the best way is to convey this to him and express your disapointment at his lack of attention. I know this can be tough. If you need any help or support, I and all the counselors here will be happy to help you. Please reach out by booking a session.
Sep 17th, 2018 05:38PM

Mrs. Hina Beg

Hi dear, to answer such query and reading dos n donts list is easy. But, going through it and coping it is something else! I honestly would suggest take few sessions and be equipped to be your best at your situation with ease. This is not impossible, but will need honest efforts. So gear up with a smile to discover your inner strengths. Others will have no option but to appreciate your new found YOU. Stay fit, happy and cheer up. Life is beautiful just as your heart is :) take care!
Dec 12th, 2018 09:04PM

Mertha Nyamande

Sometimes when we feel that our happiness is brought about by another person, this can put a lot of pressure on the other person. Power and strength comes out of realising that your happiness comes from within you, not from others. At times we can feel lonely in a room full of people simply because of the way we think about ourselves and our environments. This is more about self esteem and confidence.  Therapy can help you rebuild this.