My girlfriend breaking up with me as she had her ex back into her life. I was too attached to her emotionally and physically. We dated many times I'm too addicted to her. I cannot come out of the feel that she no longer loves me. I cannot think of any other girl, as we were too close in every means possible. She made me to feel happier which I never felt in my life. She is now breaking up with me and asking me to be her best friend. How can I come out of this??

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Last Updated: 23/05/2021 at 07:39PM

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May 23rd, 2021 07:39PM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

THe only way to come out of this - is to empty all the pain, anger, frustration,etc. that is in your heart. You will need to talk to someone you can trust. Talk to someone who will listen and understand, without judging you.