My girlfriend and I had a very good relation and I was infact about to propose her for marriage. People viewed us as inseparable and that is how I also viewed us. My girlfriend has got many friends on social media and she often chatted with other guys, I protested a couple of times because one of the guys she talk to was a drug addict and was definitely not a good influence. She told me that she wont talk to him until one day I saw that posting a picture with her on Instagram. I could not believe it because she has told me that she is not in touch with that guy, I became furious and went to see that guy who is also her neighbor only to find out that they both had sex. My girlfriend totally denied it but I could sense her lie. Now I have no idea what to do I am totally shattered, feeling used and back stabbed. I can’t even work properly and had got many warnings at the workplace and was also threatened that they would fire me. My life has taken a 360 degree turn from how i was happy with her and now I am totally lost and confused. Someone please guide??

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Last Updated: 08/02/2019 at 10:54AM

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Feb 08th, 2019 10:54AM

Anam Mukaddam

Hello! It's difficult to accept certain things in life but we have to be strong enough to face them. In order to get things clear, you need to speak to your girlfriend properly and sort things out by being honest to each other. Untill and unless your partner doesn't agree of having an affair, you musn't believe anyone just like that. Only after you have confronted her and sorted things will you be able to work peacefully. So my suggestion is that if she isn't worth your love and care then you must think of moving on. There are people that date for years and don't make it till marriage so there are all sorts of relations in this world. You need to keep faith in yourself and try to move on by doing things that make you happy and keep you away from her thoughts because in the end it's going to affect your life and your career as well and think about it if she's worth enough in order to put your career and life at stake for. If you still need to speak to me then take a session and maybe it will be better to speak to you and help you cope from it slowly.