My final exams are next month. I think I am well prepared but I feel that I lack the confidence to attempt them properly. The environment in my house is very laid back and I feel it distracts me from giving my 100% to my studies. Can you suggest some ways in which I can deal with this situation? Thanks!?

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Last Updated: 03/03/2020 at 09:53PM

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Feb 28th, 2020 08:16PM

Ramanath Prabhu

It is only one month for your exams. Since you feel lack of confidence it is advisable to make a model exam of the subjects for your exam. This will help you to know various negative factors affecting your confidence in writing exam. The other point you raised is the environment of your home where you study. It is recommended to change the place of stay till you finish the exam. Hope this will help you to get flying colours. All the best for the exams.
Mar 03rd, 2020 09:53PM

Dr. Vijendra Kumar SK

Dear friend, I can understand your feelings. Many homes are causing distraction to study and could affect your performance. However, it's you who is getting distracted. Accept the noise in your home as a normal phenomenon and go ahead with your studies. If you resist, you will get more angry and get distracted. So accepting the condition helps you to feel good and focus. 100% effort is not realistic. No one can give it. Focus on your possible effort, may be 70% is also good. Note that we all use less than 10% of our potential. This much can make you succeed, then certainly higher effort will lead more. Believe that you can do it and go ahead. Best wishes!