My exams are approaching and I feel the clock ticking faster. This is making me feel so over whelmed that instead of me increasing my focus on studies I am not able to concentrate. What can I do to deal with this? ?

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Last Updated: 18/01/2019 at 08:09PM

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Dec 22nd, 2018 09:49AM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

FIRSTLY: make a to-do list of -1. Subjects and chapters/sub chapters you want to revise/brush on. 2. Topics you need to study well. 3. Topics you may have to skip because of lack of time. SECONDLY: make a realistic timetable broken down to hours and minutes, allot your study material as you see fit. Try your best to stick to the timetable. Be flexible - if you feel you want to juggle the timetable a bit, please do so - don't be rigid. LASTLY: learn from your mistakes and next time make sure you start your study well in advance. BEST OF LUCK - use your experience this time to better your next time. 
Dec 26th, 2018 06:29AM

Khadija Attarwala

I can absolutely understand this difficulty you are facing. You seemed to be overwhelmed with all that you have to do and you feel as if there isn't enough time to complete all your tasks. This is a common difficulty faced by most of us when exams get closer. Sometimes this may be due to our worry about lack of preparedness or due to our worry about our performance in the exams. This worry may lead you to think about various possibilities of failure which compromises your ability to concentrate on your studies. Some things that may help: 1. Set a Goal for yourself - Keep in mind your abilities, preparedness and past performance and set a goal you would want to achieve. Make sure you are specific in setting your goals. Say for example you would like to achieve a 75% in your exams. Narrow it further down to grades in per subjects. 2. Devise a Plan - Once a realistic and specific goal has been set, make a plan to achieve your goals. You can make a study schedule and try to follow that. 3. Practice the STOP Technique - Whenever you find yourself drifting away into worry, scream a loud STOP in your head. You can also imagine a big signboard with stop written on it. 4. Use an affirmative Motivational sentence - Take your time to think about a positive motivating statement that can remind you of your goal. Say for example, I will do the best to achieve my goal with the remaining time I have, I will and I can. Work on a statement that is meaningful to you and helps you get focus back on the task at hand. Use this statement as a reminder every morning after you wake up. You can also use this statement after the STOP Technique. 5. Eat healthy and Sleep right - Ensure you eat a healthy balanced meal. Say a No to soda and fried/junk food. Eating too little is also not the best option. Ensure you get a good 8 hours of sleep. Stop using electronic gadgets such as mobile phones one hour prior to bedtime this may severely interfere in your sleep pattern. I definitely know this is not easy. However I wish you the very best! Happy Learning!
Jan 18th, 2019 08:09PM

Mrs. Hina Beg

Hi dear, whats your schedule or plan for a week? When are your exams? On a page on top write number of days left and below write the subject as a list in black, infront of it write the chapters name with different colours. You may copy the name from index of the each subject book. Its okay... you got it! Now just flip through each chapter, gauge how much do you think you know.. write the percent of chapter. You know in front of each chapter name of all the subject. Once the above is done, you will have a fair idea where you need to start. Relax its fine, consolidate on what you know and revise what is half done. You may take an appointment so that we may take the journey together. All the best and believe in your hardwork and prayers. :)