My ex has been gone and married for 3 years and I still think about him daily. I am not depressed, or obsessed with him. I have moved on with my life but he is still always in my head when I am reminded of him and it hurts for those moments. I still love him and I know he loved me too but he denies everything except the sex. He acts as if he never knew me. Even when we talk and I bring up memories, he's saying it never happened and how crazy I am to believe we were even close. I don't know how to forget him completely. ?

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Last Updated: 04/02/2021 at 10:37PM

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Jan 18th, 2021 11:43AM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

We encounter many types of people in our lives - some make us happy, some hurt us deeply,  some make use of us, some just pass by, etc. This is the - TRUTH OF LIFE. We need to enjoy the company of those who make us happy, forgive those who hurt us and make use of us, acknowledge positively those who pass us by, etc.  FORGIVING yourself, also the person who has hurt you deeply and more importantly ACCEPTING the situation - is the key to moving on in life.  Easier said than done - you will need help through this process. Either talk to a trusted friend or to a counselor, it will help...
Feb 04th, 2021 10:37PM

Aditi Ganguly

Thank you for reaching out to Rich Psych. . Many a times we face situations which later can become very unpleasant to us   We must remember life must move on . If some  relation does not click does not mean we must brood on the matter. We have to think what gives us happiness, what gives us positive energy , what is the value which must pursue. We will get the answer ourselves. We must understand we must respect our own self respect. We cannot erase our thoughts but we can focus on our present. Be in today ... be in the present moment. This will only ensure a pleasant and meaningful tomorrow. Remind yourself to be in the present moment! If worries about past comes , accept it , embrace the suffering and be in tne present. Dont blame yourself  or dont be self critical. Be in the present moment. Carry on with your work, be connected with people who matter to you now, pursue your goals.  In case you want to share more of your concern , you can reach out to our counsellors