Is it okay as a parent to secretly snoop through a teenager's things??

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Last Updated: 21/08/2021 at 02:19PM

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Aug 15th, 2021 11:46AM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

NO, IT IS NOT OKAY to snoop around your teenage child things. Firstly, parenting is all about trust. Secondly, it is about setting good examples (Actions speak louder than words) - your child will imbibe your actions more naturally. It is important that you set a good example. And thirdly, it is about believing in the highest potential and judgement of your child. Yes, you do need to keep an eye on them - so get involved in their activities (as best as you can without being a pile-on), invite the friends over for lunch/dinner once in a way - you need to know who your child hangs out with. 'Discreetly' keep a watch on the moods/behaviour of your child, any prolonged change that feels unnatural to you, will need looking into. If needed, preferably get help from a counsellor.
Aug 21st, 2021 02:19PM

Hari Pal Singh Saini

Dear GCN, Thanks for so precise and clear advice.