In such difficult times, what are some activities which one can do daily to improve the quality of life??

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Last Updated: 30/04/2021 at 08:55PM

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Apr 29th, 2021 04:15PM

Aditi Ganguly

In this situation , you can do a lot of things   Ask yourself what you like to do, what makes you feel calm and peaceful. This is a time , we have to be calm and have patience. You can do lot of things like-  you can read books. Reading can help you to gain knowledge. You can pursue your hobbies - like learning some musical intruments , singing online. You can opt for gardening.  You can do some research work on gardening  . You can then do gardening. You can also write poetrys , or books. You can learn photography online then start clicking photos.  You have to understand what you can do now , you have to be in the present moment. Try to practice what you can do- what gives you mental peace, helps in empowerment  , what makes you enriched . Make a list and try to implement those in your life!  Also be grateful to what you have today. Be thankful and grateful for what you are getting today. Try to be empathetic and compassionate towards others and  help others in whatever way you can.  Hope this helps ! 
Apr 30th, 2021 08:55PM

Alka Ranjan

Helping others and giving support to those who are in need can certainly improve the quality of life in present times. We need to become more socially aware of our environment. At the same time as most of us are at our homes we need to be physically active and pursue activities that we like.