I want to take revenge from my ex. Suggest??

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Last Updated: 09/06/2020 at 04:21PM

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Sep 20th, 2018 09:20PM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

A positive action invites a positive reaction from the universe, in the same way - a negative action invites a negative reaction from the universe. A negative action never begets positve reactions or vice versa. When you are feeling hurt, down and depressed (in short negative) revenge seems right, it will "feel good" to give one back, but there are heavy negative vibes attached. Being hurt is very painful and it seems like the pain will never go away. But it does... time is a great healer. I suggest - take some time out to chill maybe a week or two. Then decide what you want to do - take revenge or move on to better things. Don't take steps you will regret later, if need be speak to a counsellor. It's easy to overcome hurt and once you do that - you will emerge as a stronger YOU.
Sep 22nd, 2018 07:32PM

Anam Mukaddam

People tend to get hurt and are hurt very easily and that leads to having negative feelings and thoughts. You may be hurt a lot right now so that's why you feel like taking revenge would make you feel better and ease your pain but no that's not how it works. Let's say you take revenge also from your ex, but what if tomorrow you are in the same situation, would you like to be treated like that? Being hurt in a relationship is easy but overcoming the pain is not difficult. Time heals every kind of pain. Usually when we loose a loved one, we don't keep crying for the rest of our life, do we? Yes, we cry for a few days but then as time passes we move on. Just like that, move on in life and see it through a positive manner. Maybe your ex didn't deserve someone as good as you and so he/she wasn't meant to stay in your life for long. Indulge yourself in things you love to do like going out for a walk, treating yourself with some ice cream, hanging out with your friends, spending some quality time with your family, going for a short vacation with the people you would love to spend time with and who understands your worth. Even after that if you feel like taking revenge, then remember what goes around comes around. And feel free to talk to us on Rich Psych, we are here to hear you out and also help you out. And always remember, the wrong people always teach us the right lessons.
Sep 25th, 2018 12:51PM

Srishti Narula

It would be best to ignore them and move on, make your life positive and full of growth. Show your ex-partner and yourself that you can move on grow without them. This will be the best. If you still need help in getting over them, please contact me or the counsellor of your choice here on Rich Psych. 
Nov 13th, 2018 12:37PM


I assume you're in your young years and have been hurt very badly. When your heart is paining it is very natural to feel that way, take it very normally. If you are in a situation where you have been injured by the fault of someone driving recklessly on the road, what do you do? Do you get yourself treated at a medical care or do you rush to thrash him? Right now please take care of yourself emotionally and physically, allow yourself the time to heal, surround yourself with people who love you and care for you even if they are only few. Spend more time in activities that give you comfort and relaxation, it could be listening to some good music, going out for a coffee with a new friend. Spare time only for activities and people who add to your happiness. Stay away from Social Media, try to spend time with people offline. Remember the sooner you heal yourself the faster your life will get back to track and you will not miss on the important time that is running away. If you miss these prime years of your life you'll never get them back. As far as your ex is concerned, if the person doesn't add any happiness/value to your life he/she better be out of your life. Thinking about people or things that do not contribute to your life positively, is not worth spending the time on. Be good to yourself, if you love yourself, focus on your happiness and growth and kick out everything that is depleting your energy.
Sep 25th, 2018 12:31PM

Anita Eliza ( PGDIC)

Your best revenge would be to ignore him and move on. Which your ex would not be able to handle. Any other sort of action in terms of revenge would mean that he has affected you and has a control over your emotions, which is what he might want. 
Jun 09th, 2020 04:21PM

Parul Nautiyal

Its okay to feel hurt and related emotions. The feeling that you want to take revenge shows how intensely you associate yourself with people especially intimate relationships.  Taking revenge will be a long process where you will also end up getting hurt more than you are at present plus there is no guarantee that your plan of action will be successful or it will have an impact on other person. To make your life prductive and content, you need to learn how to let go of people and situations which hurt you to deep core. Its not a one day task, so to learn it you must seek professional counselling to understand emotions, be with them for a while, accept them and then decide how to go about in life rather than focusing on negative thoughts. It will take time but you will surely find out in the process what are the things you should better focus on Hope that help!!!