I still can't get over my ex girlfriend. Please suggest what should I do??

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Last Updated: 07/09/2018 at 05:39PM

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Sep 07th, 2018 09:37AM

Aishwarya Nair

Hi, Thank you for asking your question. The end of a relationship is never easy and it must be really hard for you to go through, for which I am sorry. It is so difficult to go from being together and sharing everything, practically all the time, to barely seeing or speaking to each other. From your usage of the word ‘still’ I am assuming that it has been a while since your relationship ended. I’m here to tell you that there is no specific time-frame on when you will begin to feel better or get over your ex. Of course, there are many things you can do to temporarily forget the end of a relationship like spending time with family and friends that care for and support you, throwing yourself into your job or school/college work (whichever is applicable), pursuing a new hobby (for example if you are into computers and technology, take a coding class) and so on. But I would suggest also asking yourself why you can’t get over your ex. Do you still have feelings for her? Were you not a willing participant in the break-up or was the break-up mutual? Are you constantly being reminded of things you used to do together or places you used to go to, together? What aspects of the relationship do you miss? Why did the relationship end? Do you feel that there may be alternate ways for you to re-create what you felt when you were in the relationship? Do you think there is a possibility or do you hope that you may get back together? Maybe in trying to find answers to these questions, you may gain a little perspective. Because it always becomes important to think about why you’re feeling a particular way before figuring out how to deal with it. Hope this helps!
Sep 07th, 2018 05:39PM

Srishti Narula

It is absolutely normal to feel this way and believe me almost all people who have been through a break up have experienced it at one time or the other. Having said that, nothing takes away from the fact that it is a difficult experience. Take this time to focus on your self. Pamper yourself, give yourself care and love to recuperate. It is important to remember that though your romantic partner shared amazing time with you, there was a reason that you guys decided to separate.