I need to understand how can I help my teenager son who is depressed because he failed in his exam??

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Last Updated: 16/08/2019 at 07:49PM

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Jun 14th, 2019 10:30AM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

Whatever has happenned cannot be changed - BUT its not the end of the world - you both must look forward positively. Two ways you can do this: 1 - as a parent what you think - does matter to your son; your attitude, your despair, your thoughts, your vibration will get to him (be it positive or negative). So from the bottom of your heart - you need to believe in him and trust that he will do well in his life (if you doubt this - he will be aware of this - non-verbal cues are telegraphed however much we try to conceal them), so be genuine and be truthful, if you find it difficult to have faith in him - admit it and work on it. 2 - without bossing over him - guide/nudge him towards a proper study program, towards being disciplined. Discipline, courage and full effort are the key, speaking to him will not help. Show him by your actions - be disciplined and apply your full effort in your own endeavors, everytime you fail and fall - stand up one more time - he will watch and learn. BY YOUR EXAMPLE - YOU SHOW THE WAY.
Jul 06th, 2019 10:56PM

Aditi Ganguly

Positive Parenting is the key to help your child. Whenever the child fails to do something we tend to point fingers at the child. But many a times, we fail to identify what we could have done to help the child to secure better marks. Did we spend quality time with the child, did we encourage the child to perform better? We sometimes exert our unfulfilled dreams on the child. What we could not achieve in our lives, we want those from our child. As a result we pressurize the child, we lose our patience and become harsh, we compare with others and the list is endless. These ultimately brings the confidence of the child, shakes the self confidence and ultimately the child starts to hate or becomes stressed or depressed. Stress and depression usually have an adverse effects on academic achievement. So as parents, try to understand your child's capabilities, understand what are the reasons for his/her under achievement. Try to help your child to overcome his/difficulties with listening to his/her problems with patience. Encourage and appreciate whenever he/she succeeds. Never impose your dreams on your child. Have realistic expectations! In case you need to talk, do contact us in counselling platform! Thank you for reaching out to us! 
Aug 16th, 2019 07:49PM

Srishti Narula

I can understand that your son must be expecting a lot from this exam and failing this exam must have disappointed him. It is also likely to have made him question his competence. Firstly, you as a parent can empathise with his feelings and reassure him that whatever he is feelings are real and normal in this situation. However, you can also help him understand that no matter how important the exam is in his career, there are so many ways and possibilities to reach one's goal or be successful. Enable him to spend time doing the things he enjoys. You can do things together that he loves. Give him time to recover and heal. Then, you can also sit with him to figure out another plan and this time have various alternative plans in place so that if one does not work, he does not feel stuck. At the same time, it would be really important for you to praise and point out his strengths in everyday life.