I need to study hard but I can't. How to motivate myself for it??

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Last Updated: 17/11/2020 at 10:40PM

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Nov 17th, 2020 10:40PM

Aditi Ganguly

Hi, Thank you for reaching out to Rich Psych. At first you have to find out yourself why you do not feel like studying. Find out the reasons of not being able to get enough motivation to study. Secondly, try to find what are the barriers you are facing that you cannot study - it is internal or external? Thirdly, think of the ways by which you can overcome these barriers. May be you can structure your day so that you keep a separate study time. This will lead to habit formation. Fourthly, if you think your stress, low mood, anxiety, boredom is leading to lack of motivation - then try to address those issues. If you think you need support you may reach out to Rich Psych counsellors. Thanks! 
Nov 14th, 2020 09:33AM

Ramanath Prabhu

The issue is to get motivated. You can get motivated by reading self help books or by hiring a life coach. To ignite the fire of motivation you need to select any one of the above mentioned options as soon as possible. Reading motivational books and time management books will help you to get motivated. Remember, it is does not usually occur in one night. It will generally take long time to get motivated.
Nov 16th, 2020 09:10PM

Alka Ranjan

1st, you need to assess the reason for not studying. What is the reason for the lack of motivation? It is a negative behavior, as thoughts, feelings, and behavior are inter-related. If something goes wrong in one aspect it leads to non-performance. Hence, it needs to be identified & steps need to be taken to remove the reason for the lack of motivation.