I have a best friend who is a guy and I have feelings for him from the beginning,which he is aware of.But its one sided as he has been committed even before I came into his life.But we shared a great bond and he is always nice with me.Now,it has been 1 year,he got married.We talked twice after that nicely.But suddenly few months later,he has started ignoring me.Is there any possibility that he has grown feelings for me suddenly????

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Last Updated: 07/12/2020 at 07:50PM

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Dec 07th, 2020 01:45PM

Aditi Ganguly

Thanks for connecting with Rich Psych. I think before I answer, you have stated clearly that the feeling was one sided. After marriage, one has so many new situations. The new situation may not permit many things which prevailed before marriage. May be the wife of your friend does not understand or is okay with the thought that her husband has a friend who is a woman. May be your friend apprehends that his wife will not like the idea that her husband has a woman who is a close friend. Just think it from your situation. If you get married and you find your husband has a friend (woman) who is close to him. May be you will not like it too. Acceptance is whether how open I am to these kind of friendships varies from person to person. We have to understand the situation with empathy rather than feeling sad or emotional. I think for all of us family comes first. So may be he has nothing against you but for sake of maintaining peace in the family he has decided to keep himself aloof. Be calm, understand the situation with empathy and go ahead with your life. You are most important person in this life. 
Dec 07th, 2020 07:50PM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

Sucheta, I'll be straight with you. Thinking further on this situation will be detrimental to you. You will imagine all sorts of things and probably act on them - which is not good. You will not know for sure why he has suddenly started ignoring you, unless you ask him directly. And Aditi has explained it very nicely to you. He is married, if you genuinely care for him and want him to be happy - 'silently' wish him all the best in life and let him go.  Wishing, that he has grown feelings for you - will only complicate matters for all concerned. The truth is that - "all of us want to be loved and cared for". It's about time you attracted that in your life. Be a 'genuine' person who is caring and loving AND you will surely attract a person worthy of you in your life.