I feel this virus will never end. It is making me nervous. Whenever I use social media all I see is corona. I am afraid and sleepless. I am worried that I will get infected too. Or with lockdown all the food supplies will end and everyone will die. It is affecting my mood. I am having sudden outbursts of anger and tears. I wanted to make good use of this time. But in the last 15 days I have done nothing. Please help ?

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Last Updated: 17/04/2020 at 04:31PM

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Apr 13th, 2020 01:18PM

Hari Pal Singh Saini

Greetings! As mentioned above, your job at this moment is to be in touch with your psychologist - counselor. The conditions you are experiencing have errupted with this unusual abnormal circumstances. Episodes like this do happen continuously only the amplitude of intensity varies and the cycle goes on. You and your psychologist together will be able to sort out the course of action. I would like to compliment you for taking this bold step of seeking professional help. You deserve praise for this. Best wishes.
Apr 13th, 2020 08:03PM

Aditi Ganguly

Thank you for writing to us. At present I would suggest that do not think about your future too much. Live in your present. Be safe and do not think too much about what negative incidents might happen. Live in present. Try to take precautionary measures and be calm. If negative thought comes to your mind tell yourself "Stop" - I will think about it later. Keep yourself engaged in some activities. Connect with your friends or relatives. Talk to them on topics other than pandemic. Pursue your hobbies. Try to read books or engage in activities that makes you feel good. Listen to music or songs. Limit watching news on TV that might make you more anxious. Exercise - try to keep yourself physically fit by doing some exercises. Have adequate food, keep yourself hydrated and try to have adequate sleep. Stay calm, safe and keep yourself happy!
Apr 17th, 2020 04:31PM

Claudia Muncinelli

Hello, thanks for your post and thanks for reaching out! Speaking of your own problems requires bravery, and is the first step to solve the issue. This is indeed a difficult period, the news might make us think that Coronavirus is everywhere, and this might create anxiety, sadness, confusion. No wonder, you have not done what you planned to do. This is also a period when we should be "good" and understanding with ourselves, acknowledging that we are going through hard times and therefore lowering our expectations towards what we "should" do can also be important. You can contact any of the psychologists or counselors on Rich Psych, this would be a further step to re-gain your equilibrium. Thanks for your post. Stay safe. 
Apr 13th, 2020 12:38PM

Nitin A. Lal

Hello, I can understand what you are going through, and it's quite justified to be facing such emotions at this point of time. Anxiety is a normal emotion, but it can lead into irritability etc. when it becomes clinical in nature. At this moment you can seek help of any counsellor/psychologist who can teach you some relaxation/mindfulness techniques, emotional regulation techniques so that you can deal with the circumstances in a more effective/relaxed way. Points which could help you - 1) Making a schedule for yourself really helps. (Maintain sleep hygiene, sleep on time, wake up on time). 2) Relaxation/Mindfulness techniques. 3) Stay connected and maintain your social networks. 4) Regular Physical Exercises like Pranayam and Yoga. 5) Hobbies/ spending time with your family doing different activities. 6) You can limit your screen time on TV, mobile or laptop. Best, Nitin A. Lal 
Apr 14th, 2020 11:57AM

Alka Ranjan

You are experiencing trauma. You are feeling helpless and feel no control over the situation. This is a period of chronic stress as no one knows when all this will end and normal life will resume. You have to accept and actively face the situation. Follow a routine strictly. Have a time-table. Do the work for which you didn't have time earlier. Try to stay connected with family & friends. It is important not to cut yourself off while physically isolating from others. Also do not overwhelm yourself with information and news. Follow these steps which will help you to stay in control.
Apr 14th, 2020 09:52PM

Anita Eliza ( PGDIC)

Hi, I can understand your anxiousness, considering all this news and circulatory post that you have been getting. You might be at a higher risk of getting this virus only if you have been in physical contact with an infected person. Moreover, if you have been following the safety precautions, you are less likely to be getting it. You see, we are living in a place that can be dangerous in many ways, for example, fire, Yet we decide this to be an acceptable risk and the occurrence is low if we follow certain caution. The same strategy applies here too. Avoid those online groups that keep passing such message every now and then. Pursue constructive activities instead of hyper-focusing on the things that you are worried about. Exercise ( at home ) which will give you that physiological response to handle your anxiety.
Apr 15th, 2020 02:44PM

Dr Seema Aggarwal

Hello! First of all I appreciate you for coming forward and asking for help.. This shows how much you love yourself. This is a good sign.. Dear, you don't worry.. it is just anxiety you are feeling.. All other Counselors have explained it to you very beautifully.. I just want to tell you that you are not the only one who is experiencing all this.. So if others are coping with it then why not you.. It is just a situation when this situation will disappear your all worries will also.. But in the mean time it is very important to make a good routine depending upon your interests. If you are just lying down and thinking all the time then it will make your situation worse. Also it is important to know what is your personality type because it will give me an idea about you and your situation.. So I think you should distract yourself from all this. If you still feel the same way then you should fix a counselling session with one of our Counselors. We will surely help you!