I feel so lonely as if no one is there to be with me. It makes me feel so sad and stuck. How do I overcome this constant loneliness feeling? Please Help.?

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Last Updated: 26/12/2018 at 07:04AM

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Nov 12th, 2018 11:20AM

Srishti Narula

Hi, thank you for your question. Many of us feel lonely and it may affect our emotions as well. We need to know more about your feeling or loneliness and explore it help you. So for that you can speak to any counsellor here. Try seeking support of a couple of people that you trust and they might be able to keep you company. You can also look at expanding your social circle by engaging in hobbies. However if you find it difficult to do so and these do no not seem to be working for you, I recommend speaking to a counselor to get some personalized feedback and support.
Nov 13th, 2018 12:27AM

Aditi Ganguly

Hello, Welcome to Rich Psych. You have stated that you feel lonely and stuck. You have not mentioned though for how long you are having such feeling. Try to find out for how long you are feeling lonely and why you are feeling so. Once you have identified the time frame or duration of such feeling and cause- try to look for the solution. Try to find as many solution you can. Then try to find out which solution works best for you to overcome lonliness. It could be seeking help from someone you trust, talking to someone, pursuing your hobbies, going for a walk etc. In case you feel like discussing the ways to overcome your present concerns feel free to book your session at Rich Psych!
Nov 14th, 2018 02:16PM

Mrs. Hina Beg

Hi, if you are feeling stuck then, get up take a newspaper and tear it. Once done make it into a ball and basket it in the bin. Now, wash your face; prepare for a jog (15 mins) hydrate yourself. If you really want to help yourself you WILL do what is mentioned above. Jog in an open area if you have one in and around your place. Once it's done, after shower one apple and green tea. Take a paper, make a list of people in your family who you have not called up since a long time. If closeby or you can go and meet, circle those names if not then tick it ✅. Hope this will help. Do send a message or take an appointment if you are not able to do something along the way. It WILL help, try it out. There are many other quick ways. All the best and stay fit. Do skipping... can you?  :)
Dec 26th, 2018 07:04AM

Khadija Attarwala

I feel your pain. Feeling Lonely is indeed distressing. Here is an article that can help you understand loneliness better and may also give you an insight on helpful ways to deal with it. https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/others/health-lifestyle/how-to-beat-loneliness/articleshow/67155086.cms Hoping you feel better soon. All the best!