I fall in love too easily, what should I do??

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Last Updated: 13/05/2020 at 10:49AM

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May 12th, 2020 02:45PM

Anita Eliza ( PGDIC)

Falling in love is a beautiful experience, but when it's too easily or quickly it could be that you might be just focusing on the initial good feeling that you get by being with the person and might get into the thought process that, "this person is the right one." To help you with this, please book an appointment with a counsellor who will help you think why you do this and the probable side effects of it. 
May 13th, 2020 10:49AM

Dr. Vatsala Wadhwa Thakur

Falling in love is not bad but falling for every second person sure is. You need to introspect why you need security and commitment from others always. Do you have any low self esteem or confidence issues or are you in the rosy picture of life as in the movies? Life is very practical and harsh so you really need to gear yourself up, know how things work, what is right or wrong, what is success and failure and be strong. You need to understand whether that specific relationship will work or not, how you really feel for that person etc. You can't be frivolous in relationships. Please come out of your fairyland life and be in the real life. If you still have doubts you can seek professional help. All the best!
May 12th, 2020 01:58PM

Hari Pal Singh Saini

Do take advice from your counselor with full details of the issues involved and its present status. The primary discussion with counselor will clear the plan for treatment, which may prolong to multiple sessions with counselor. So have faith and patience and carry on. Best wishes and compliments for taking first step towards well-being.