I am having panic attacks and I am not able to concentrate on my studies. My final exams are approaching and it's becoming difficult to prepare. Everyday I dread if i won't get good marks, please someone advice me for overcoming this anxiety? ?

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Last Updated: 19/01/2019 at 12:30AM

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Jan 08th, 2019 07:48PM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

It is perfectly normal to feel tense and anxious, when exams are approaching. Practically all of us do. There is always a feeling, that the preparation done is not enough. All the same, we must aim to do our very best. The truth is that, we cannot predict what will happen in our exams, but WE CAN GIVE IT OUR BEST SHOT - this is in our hands. So we prepare for that - if you have not already done it - make a realistic timetable, allot your study material as you see fit. Try your best to stick to the timetable. Be flexible - if you feel you want to juggle the timetable a bit, please do so - don't be rigid. LASTLY along with your study, eat well, sleep well and rest well. You need to be relaxed and positive. (Don't even think about this - but since you are so anxious. The worst scenario, we may not do well so what - is it the end of the world? Can't we pick ourselves up and try again and again TILL WE SUCCEED. We can surely do that).
Jan 18th, 2019 08:06PM

Mrs. Hina Beg

Hi dear, what's your schedule or plan for a week? When are your exams? On a page write the subject as a list in black, infront of it write the chapters name with different colours. You may copy the name from index of the each subject book. It's okay... you got it! Now just flip through each chapter, gauge how much do you think you know, write the percent of chapter. You know in front of each chapter name of all the subject. Once the above is done, you will have a fair idea where you need to start. Relax it's fine, consolidate on what you know and revise what is half done. You may take an appointment so that we may take the journey together. All the best and believe in your hardwork and prayers :) 
Jan 19th, 2019 12:30AM

Alina Tulsiani

Anxiety is not always bad - a healthy amount of it prevents us from getting too lax and motivates us to reach our goals. From what you’ve written in your question, it appears that you’re more concerned with a scenario where you don’t score “good enough marks”... one senses a certain rigid expectation here which makes you more anxious and unable to study. Try to implement the following steps: 1. Set a Realistic time table by the hour and keep the difficult parts for your most productive time of the day. 2. Alternate between easy and difficult chapters or subjects so that it become less overwhelming. Always keep time for revision of whatever has been done before finishing your studies. 3. When you need a break, try going out for a walk, or listening to light music or taking a short nap if possible. This aids in consolidating the learned material, instead of watching television which interferes with consolidation. 4. Eat a healthy diet. 5. Get 8 hours of sleep at night. 6. Keep your phone away while you study. 7. Stay away from friends who ask questions to simply kill time or end up comparing how much they have completed. 8. Practice One - Minute Meditation whenever you feel stressed while studying. This involves setting the timer for 60 seconds, and with your eyes closed, about something that makes you happy or chanting. Stop when the timer rings. 9. Remember, even though marks are an important milestone for reaching one’s goals, they’re not the end of it. We can only try and give it our best shot there. Whenever you feel bothered by any discouraging thoughts, just remind yourself that these thoughts are just wasting your time and that you’d rather be studying (or taking a break if it strikes you then and makes you feel guilty for a break. A break is important for aiding retention!). Hope this helps. All the best!