I am a 30 year old woman,unmarried.I am very much introvert by nature and I am not there in any form of social media. I have completed my post graduation in HR in the year 2013. I have been trying for government jobs since then..I have appeared for various exams for more than 25 times literally, but could not make it anywhere.I did not opt for private jobs as clearing these exams was my only focus.So now the situation is such that I have lost my self - confidence to do any sort of job. There is this fear of 6 years of gap.Also the fact that all my peers have gone way ahead of me in life career wise makes me suffer from inferiority complex and I have become a recluse, not that I am very social but I have stopped calling or texting long back. Whenever I think of applying or searching for jobs, I get cold feet.I always had this dream of being an independent woman, but now it seems like a distant dream, I feel like I have lost that enthusiasm to do anything.I feel worthless, devoid of any purpose in life.I feel totally lost.I feel I am not good enough and capable of doing anything.How can a person like me, at all, make a career. Is there any way to overcome this? Also I always have been in one-sided relationships..whether it is friendship or otherwise,always been on the giving end, it happens repeatedly, I dont understand why. This has also affected my self-confidence and the way I see myself.I hate myself for this..I feel like I would never be loved, my feelings will never be reciprocated, this is also one reason I am averse to marriage. These things are really affecting me a lot.Most of the time I find myself crying, sometimes even that doesn't help.I get stressed easily even anticipating certain things which may or may not happen.I also fear change..some days i suffer from terrible mood swings..specially during PMS.. I have no idea what is to be done...please help ?

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Last Updated: 22/08/2019 at 11:00PM

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Aug 22nd, 2019 11:00PM

Bidisha Haque

I agree, this is really a tough time you are going through. But still I can say, everything is not and cannot be out of hand. I can point out plenty of positivity within you which you are overlooking possibly. Firstly, You have identified your problem area and decided to come out from the situation. You have already taken your first step my dear! Secondly, I can picture one lovely lady with a lovely heart who is still able to give love unconditionally. Thirdly, you might have failed before, but that proves your ability to focus on things, that quite surely will lead you to the future ahead. Only if I knew more something about you, I could point out more and more positive points. If you ever feel, you need any assistance - feel free to contact me. I am with you my dear! Big hugs!! :)