I am a 24 years old male working in a reputable company. I am in a relationship with a wonderful woman since my college years. She has been very supportive and understanding in all these years. I admire her and really like her but I don’t find her physically or sexually attractive like I used to. She’s beautiful but I don’t feel anything. I want to breakup with her but I don’t know how. I just want to be friends with her, nothing more.?

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Last Updated: 07/12/2019 at 07:43PM

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Nov 30th, 2019 06:10PM

Ramanath Prabhu

You are in relationship with a woman and you want to keep it to friendship only. This kind of relationship needs consent of both. One side decision may end it break in relationship. So it is better to both of you to set limits for the relationship. Unilateral decision may lead to conflict also. I recommend two side interaction and mould the relationship that is acceptable to both of you.
Dec 04th, 2019 09:49AM

Dr. Vijendra Kumar SK

Dear Friend, I could understand your feelings that you don't feel anything towards her now. But you are still 24 and probably she is around same age (you have not mentioned). 1. if your goal of the relationship during early time was to flirt and move away, then it's OK to break up with her consent. Because many college goers get into infatuation and later understand its limitations. 2. But, if it was an investment in relationship to lead a life, then you need to think. You need to explore what happened suddenly so that you don't find her attractive and want to break up. Generally it's due to some kind of misunderstanding and not communicated your perspective well. It can be discussed in counseling sessions, not through messaging. Keep yourself open. Take care.
Dec 07th, 2019 07:43PM

Pallabi Bose

Ok I understand what you are going through. But before you break up with the girl I will suggest you to think once again why you actually want to move on? Is there any other issue underlying? Like is it really you don't find her physically attractive or you have just fallen out of love because both of your busy schedule? Are you still spending that quality time you both supposed to be? Is it ok to give a one last try? Because if you consider all these questions now and still come out with a 'NO' then it will be fine for you, and you can very gracefully part your ways explaining yourself to the girl. It will then help both of you because you have to remember that you don't have the intention of hurting your present partner neither you want to regret later. Thanks and Regards, Pallabi Bose, Counseling Psychologist.